TII partners with MBZUAI to boost Abu Dhabi’s smart city ambitions

Mon 27-03-2023 15:18 PM ABU DHABI, 27th March, 2023 (WAM) — The Institute of Technological Innovation (TII), which is a globally recognized scientific research center and the applied research arm of the Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC) of Abu Dhabi, announced that its AI and Computational Science Research Center (AIDRC) has entered into a partnership … Read more

“The Line”, a futuristic city 170 km long, will it see the light of day in Saudi Arabia?

Imagine a mixture of the futuristic Los Angeles of the film blade runner and Le Corbusier’s Cité radieuse, in an eco-friendly version… “The Line”, a long monolithic building covered with mirrors, 200 m wide and stretching over 170 km, housing a futuristic city, is Mohammed’s crazy project ben Salman, known as “MBS”, crown prince of … Read more

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. In Saudi Arabia, The Line, the futuristic and controversial city of the Neom project, is already visible from the sky


In the north-west of the country, this Dantesque construction site is accompanied by as many promises as doubts. Satellite images make it possible to follow the very real progress of the work. You have to imagine a city built in the middle of the desert. Everything you need is within a five minute walk. To … Read more

Legendary rock opera, “Starmania” arrives in the city of Geneva


More than forty years after its creation, “Starmania”, a musical show by Luc Plamondon and Michel Berger, is given a new lease of life in a version choreographed by director Thomas Jolly. A show to discover at the Geneva Arena from this Thursday to Sunday. In four decades, “Starmania”, this futuristic and political work, has … Read more

A first in France: a city illuminated by marine organisms


Through Philippe Cohen Published on 21 Jan 23 at 17:16 78news See my news Follow this media Rambouillet is the first city in France to test bioluminescence. The mayor, Véronique Matillon inaugurates the first furniture lit by marine bacteria, alongside the founder of the start-up, Glowee, Sandra Rey. (©78actu. Philippe Cohen) ” It’s what ? … Read more

IXION | Review (PC) | Space opera and city building


Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted a video game that combines my love for science fiction with my passion for management games, an experience that, however, instead of dealing with the colonization of the planet on duty, was instead focused on interstellar travel to go and colonize extrasolar planets: journeys so long as … Read more

Santa’s futuristic sleigh in Genoa: all the stops in the city


Genoa – It’s a futuristic sled the one that brings Santa Claus on the Genoese streets, from Ponente to Levante, for these Christmas holidays. here is the calendar of the sled exits a December 2022, always updated (all sled exits are scheduled for 3.30 pm, except where otherwise indicatedand may undergo changes and/or cancellations in … Read more

Traveling to a city in ancient Egypt in the metaverse is already a reality


Traveling to ancient Egypt without leaving home has already been a reality since last November 22, when the team of Egyptian designers and creatives from the Tutera hub launched the initial phase of Metatut, a virtual city that reconstructs architecture, art and places most symbolic of the era of Tutankhamen in the metaverse. The date … Read more

Triso, this is the futuristic motorcycle adaptable for the city so as not to depend on the car


How will the motorcycles of the future have a decent trunk? The solution is shown to us by the Triso project. Triso has a modular trunk to have space to carry objects of different sizes. Picture: YouTube Global Update join the conversation Electric motorcycles have become the best complement to move around the city. They … Read more

Warning, the city of dreams is a nightmare | Coming here is a dramatic mistake


Expatriating is the dream or nightmare of many. Finding yourself having to choose to leave your homeland is not easy, it can be exciting or scary. To choose whether and where to move, we can consult the annual InterNations ranking, so be careful not to make mistakes. Nowadays traveling is getting easier and easier. Traveling … Read more