Jensen One. What is this crazy concept based on Citroën XM?

A very original reinterpretation of the Citroën XM saw the light of day in 1992: the Jensen One. The argus returns to the story of this innovative and unique prototype product. By Gatien-Hugo Riposseau Published on 03/18/2023 – 13:32 The Jensen One, a very original reinterpretation of the Citroën XM, was born in 1992. The … Read more

Citroën XM TCT vs BMW 520i, deux grandes familiales que tout oppose, dès 3 500 €


En 1989, Citroën dévoile la tant attendue remplaçante de la CX. C’est la XM ! Avec elle, le constructeur français compte bien mettre la misère aux premiums allemands, et la tâche est déjà rude. Il s’en donne les moyens, équipant sa grande routière d’une suspension hydropneumatique à la pointe du progrès, dotée d’une gestion électronique, la … Read more

Why does Citroën make a car with such a ‘controversial’ windshield? We asked your CEO


Related news This week, the Citroen CEO Vincent Cobee, has been in Spain and more specifically in Madrid. There, in a massive event held in Kinépolis, first with the dealers of the French brand and later with the specialized press, this executive has presented how he sees the Stellantis Group the brand’s vision of the … Read more

Citroën 2CV Berlingo, Renault 4L, Renault 5… why does the future of many brands go through their past?


The automobile industry is experiencing a real revolution in recent years. It bears little resemblance to what this sector was a decade ago, with the electric car as a bet for the future for almost all manufacturers, a measure adopted in part by the demanding anti-pollution measures and the ban on selling combustion cars from … Read more

The 5 most important facts about Oli, the cardboard Citroën


Citroën has just launched its concept car for the future. Every corner of this electric four-seater plays a decisive role in the sustainable future of the automotive industry. Swipe and meet him in five elementary steps. October 11, 2022 9:21 p.m. Relationship between size, weight, technology and price. The Citroen Oli, the French firm’s new … Read more