These seven areas where China has already surpassed the rest of the world

Far from the clichés, China is taking the lead in the global technological race. Illustration (non-exhaustive) in seven sectors. Chinese domination is impressive, sometimes coupled with the threat of a technological monopoly. Small illustration in seven sectors. 1. Supercomputers, made in China The race with the United States is fierce. More than 8 billion euros … Read more

nubia, REDMAGIC: the new 8 Pro released in China on 12/26/22

Lnubia released the new REDMAGIC 8 Pro dubbed “The King of Performance” in China on December 26th. The international version was also announced by the company soon to arrive In the last hours, Nubia (here to visit the company website) presented the new REDMAGIC 8 Pro, nicknamed “The King of Performance”. It is powered by … Read more

Parents use robots as babysitters in China


(CNN) – In kindergarten, three-year-old Seven Kong has his classmates to play with, but at home his best friend is an android named BeanQ. The two spend hours together, and Seven peppers the robot with a continuous stream of questions. “What’s up BeanQ? Have you eaten? I want to watch cartoons!” Read: The microrobots that … Read more

For the first time, China shows the firing of a DF


In August 2020, Alex Azar, then Secretary of Health in the Trump administration, was the most senior American politician to visit Taipei since the United States recognized the People’s Republic of China and joined the principle of “one China” [ou « d’une seule Chine »]. Obviously, this did not fail to arouse the wrath of Beijing, for … Read more

China unveils two 6th generation aircraft models: flying wing or more classic aircraft?


At the recent Zhuhai show, two futuristic aircraft models caught the eye. China is among the countries wishing to develop and build a sixth-generation aircraft for its air force. The two models are different: a flying wing following many sixth generation American projects and a more classic aircraft but surprisingly resembling a video game aircraft. … Read more

China is wary of metaverse ‘fever’ after Meta’s megatagli


The Chinese government’s economic newspaper warns of metaverse “fever” after the thousands of layoffs announced by Meta. The Chinese government’s business newspaper warns against “fever” from metaverse, after the thousands of layoffs announced by Half. The metaverse industry looks promising but may not do well in all regions of the world, according to an article … Read more

China seeks to differentiate itself from the world with a sensational futuristic car idea

GAC Time Concept, a completely different car from what has been seen so far. Electric and conceptual, it’s a way to get the world’s attention in a Chinese car. The form revolution is coming to the automotive industry, as more and more manufacturers are saying, to the mobility solutions industry. It is that everything changes … Read more

【Drops of culture】 Intangible cultural heritage of China


Chinese calligraphy is the ancient art of writing Chinese characters. In over 3000 years of history, Chinese calligraphy has become a representative symbol of Chinese culture. The brush, the ink, the paper and the inkwell, called “the four treasures of the literary room” are the most important tools for those who practice calligraphy. Thanks to … Read more

China is building low


In Nanxun District of Huzhou City in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, the Ditang district is leafy, where trees, streams and roads separate housing and provide an atmospheric poetic. In recent years, Nanxun District is actively working to create “a district of the future”, where the ecological concept characterized by intelligence and sharing is penetrated into … Read more