Can ChatGPT replace journalists and article writers?

A real fairground phenomenon, ChatGPT quickly became the event everyone is talking about in society. Boiling the teaching staff, it was banned by Sciences Po and caused the cancellation of an exam in Strasbourg! In a futuristic world, he would even be able to replace journalists and other authors of articles or books! Faced with … Read more

ChatGPT and the social network revolution


Meta, Twitter and Snap: this is how they deal with the GPT revolution Digital Economy Expansion, by Miriam Preto, p. 7 The big social networks do not want to stay out of the revolution of generative artificial intelligence, i.e. capable of creating content. In the last weeks, Half And Snaps have made official announcements in … Read more

Interview with ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence, about the future of technology


ChatGPT’s AI allows us to hold a conversation on the most varied topics. It fails to get answers to questions such as “who coached Barcelona in 1992”, for example, but it does manage to converse perfectly, as if we had a person in front of us, which could lead to a huge advance in the … Read more