Juan Carlos “Peto” Simón: “we cried with joy, the feeling was unique”

-What was the game you suffered the most? The Final, it’s crazy how the game turned out, it was tremendous. In no previous World Cup was such an emotional definition seen. With the Netherlands we suffered a lot, because they tied us in the last minutes of extra time. -The celebrations of the Argentine partiality … Read more

Carlos Sainz, the sixty

Between two-axis motors, complex software systems, switches that provide two hundred horsepower in a second and other details of a science fiction car prepared to attack the Dakar, Carlos Sainz (Madrid, 60 years old) slips terms that have to do with his physical health, VO2max, anaerobic threshold, lactate… Fundamental values ​​in stress tests to determine … Read more

Eurovisión Junior 2022, en directo | Carlos Higes, en vivo


Por fin ha llegado el momento de ver a Carlos Higes brillar en Eurovisión Junior. Nuestro joven representante se sube esta tarde al escenario listo para dejar a todos boquiabiertos con “Señorita”. Lo hace además en undécima posición, coincidiendo también con su edad y el propio día de esta cita tan esperada, el 11 de diciembre. Carlos, que recoge el … Read more

Democratic values ​​| Carlos Andres Perez | By Ramón Rivasaez • Diario de Los Andes, news from Los Andes, Trujillo, Táchira and Mérida


Dedicated to Luis Eduardo Pepper Although at the beginning of the 1960s he was called the police minister when he decisively and firmly confronted the insurrectionary movement that threatened the stability of the government of President Betancourt, Carlos Andrés Pérez (Rubio 1922-Miami 2010), he became, after of the years, in a paradigmatic character of world … Read more

Armando Gostanian, emblem of the ’90s, creator of the ‘menemtruchos’ and confidant of Carlos Menem, died


Armando Gostanian, one of the emblematic officials of Menemism, creator of the “menemtruchos”, confidant of Carlos Menem in endless afternoons in the Quinta de Olivos and who was convicted of corruption, He died this Monday at the age of 88. after being admitted to the Mater Dei Sanatorium since Friday. The businessman and former Menem … Read more

Architect Juan Carlos Antón (Majadahonda) finalist in Marbella


Juan Carlos Antón Fernández, an architect from Majadahonda (Madrid), whose studio is located at Calle Pinos 51, obtained a total of 32 points MANU RAMOS. The architect of Majadahonda, Juan Carlos Anton Fernandez(«Viridis Nostrum«), has been a finalist in the competition for the construction of the Marbella Stadium, as reported by the newspaper Marbella 24 … Read more