“Hunger Games”, “Brazil”…: the Espaces d’Abraxas, once popular with cinema, are now stricken

When they were designed by the Spanish star architect Ricardo Bofill, the Abraxas were intended as a break with the soulless HLM bars of large housing estates. “It was a time of utopian ideology,” says Yann Minh, a 65-year-old artist who has lived in the Theater building since 2017. “The discourse of the time was … Read more

Inauguration day in Brazil: for the return of Lula, Bolsonaro absent

Published on : 01/01/2023 – 07:43Modified : 01/01/2023 – 07:49 At 6 p.m. GMT on Sunday, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will be officially sworn in as president of Brazil, after his election in October. About 10,000 police are mobilized to ensure the security of the festivities in Brasilia. Festivities which the now ex-president Jair … Read more

Inauguration of Lula in Brazil: reinforced security, Bolsonaro absent


The inauguration of President Lula takes place on Sunday in Brasilia under the double sign of the absence of Jair Bolsonaro, who left the country even before the end of his mandate, and important security measures in the face of the threat posed by his radical supporters. At 77, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva must … Read more

How Digital Transformation can help boost the Industry in Brazil


Whatever your line of work, one thing is for sure: everyone has heard someone complain about having to do some repetitive task. It can be reviewing or organizing files, putting together spreadsheets, analyzing endless numbers or, why not, your own example of manual work that requires attention, concentration and a good dose of verification after … Read more

Brazil: the country under high surveillance before the inauguration of President Lula


Brasilia is on alert. A red tide of activists should break this January 1 in the capital with futuristic architecture. This is where the 77-year-old former worker will find the supreme function, 12 years after leaving it with record popularity after two terms (2003-2010). The event promises to be festive. With in particular around thirty … Read more

Brazil: festive investiture but under close surveillance for Lula


Lula begins his third term as President of Brazil on Sunday, a return to power celebrated by hundreds of thousands of left-wing sympathizers expected for a “big popular party” in Brasilia in the presence of many heads of state, but under heavy police surveillance. Security forces will be “100% mobilized” for the inauguration of Luiz … Read more

Productions from Chile, Brazil, India and the Central African Republic make up the international perspective of FICER


In the fourth edition of the Entre Ríos International Film Festival, which takes place in Paraná and five sub-venues and concludes on Saturday the 26th, the International Film section is made up of four productions shot in Chile, Brazil, India and the Central African Republic. These works allow an approach to different views and realities … Read more

Amazonia, inequalities, football… Five things to know about Brazil


the Brazilwhere the far-right president Jair Bolsonaro is seeking a second term on Sunday against the icon of the left, ex-president Lula, favorite in the polls, is a continental country, a major exporter of raw materials, marked by glaring inequalities. Its approximately 215 million inhabitants are hit hard by the relative weakness of the economy, … Read more