Journey to Silicon Valley, among the garages where PCs and smartphones were born

The greatness of technology it lies in its being”Human”. In fact, we are talking about human technologiesbecause the genius of humanity is hidden behind a hard disk. Perhaps the ideas were conceived between a spare tyre, car grease and a chaotic worktop sheltered by a garage. It also happened to great inventors like Steve Jobswhose … Read more

The first Italian factory of Biometric Avatars is born

The first Italian factory that creates avatars, complete digital twins of our organism, was born in Rome from the Olitec laboratory directed by Massimiliano Nicolini, already a member of the metaverse standard forum and one of the best known international experts on the subject. Today we will be able to have our digital twin built … Read more

How was Ferrari for PlayStation born? The designers tell us about it, with a surprise…


FERRARI VISION GRAN TURISMO, FANTASY OR REALITY? We talked about it a short while ago, and if you were to ask us about the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo and its design, we can only underline how in this futuristic supercar we find some hints of the SF90, as well as traits inspired by some Prancing … Read more

Verdura, the Nemo’s garden was born in front of Liguria, the first greenhouse at the bottom of the sea


It will not be a coincidence if the new Hollywood production after Avatarsit’s called right The water way. The futuristic director James Cameronauthor of 2009’s highest-grossing film in the history of cinema, moved the action from the forests of Pandora to oceans and unexplored abysses. Water as a reason for living. And yet, without having … Read more

The Alveri Concept Falco teases a futuristic electric family car, which may die before it is born


Electric car startups are emerging with more force, launching futuristic concept-cars that promise war in the market. The last to come to the fore has been one of recent creation. His proposal is called Alveri Concept Falco, a Shooting Brake that aims to be on sale by the end of 2023. In recent months, the … Read more

ROSALÍA, born in Barcelona in the province of Naples


I have a trauma with Spanish music. A trauma born and basked in my Neapolitan origins that made bachata and reggaeton melodies the nightmare of my puberty. The same motifs have become a reference point for neo-melodic music, an essential genre of the common basic tamarro, the one who pulls up by car while you’ve … Read more

‘1984’, the dystopia that was born in Barcelona


Its echo has reached common language, the most popular television programs and, with some interference, even the speeches of the current head of the Spanish opposition. And, given its capital importance, despite being a novel, from now on the 1984 George Orwell has a biography. Its titled The Ministry of Truth (Captain Swing) and in … Read more

Something special is born from the intertwining of Saltini’s creative flair and the freshness of the students


The 4B together with the teachers, Ivana Sica, Giancarlo Marras, Andrea Saltini and Silvia De Vitis “School is a living organism, a place of law and strong personalities. A place where art and creativity must be able to enter, because thanks to this contact our kids can draw strength and energy”. These were the first … Read more