Automakers are getting into electric bikes

The craze for the electric bike is not weakening, benefiting from the latest technological innovations. This booming market has long since found its public and car manufacturers, who concede that the little queen is very practical for driving around town, are in turn rushing into the design of cycles. Like Porsche, Mini or Lamborghini, many … Read more

From Tunisia to Mayenne: Bluemooov relocates the manufacture of its cargo bikes

“After having found, in 2018, a factory in Tunisia to assemble our cargo bikes, in the spirit of optimizing our carbon footprint, we did not go looking for frames and boxes in Asia, as most of our colleagues, but we have chosen to work with local manufacturers within a radius of one hundred kilometres. It … Read more

Global Exercise Bikes Market Size Information | Analytical Perspectives 2022


The new fashion research on the global exercise bike market 2022 is known to be an insightful analysis on numerous factors including Exercise Bikes industry share, demand valuation, revenue sales, Exercise Bikes market size, and among -time, detailed estimation studies over the forecast period 2022 to 2030. The Exercise Bikes market report is responsible for … Read more

Bikes whose risky designs changed everything (or at least tried to)


The Spanish motorcycle market is quite conservative. He likes well-defined types of motorcycle and is not a fan of hybrid or too avant-garde styles. The Spanish biker likes technology that he can “understand” and tends to wait for the big news to consolidate before going for it. We are a very purist country when it … Read more