MONDO CROCIERA is back on TV, the television program that tours the most beautiful places in the world, on board the most beautiful cruise ships in the world.

Milan, 20 February 2023 – Around the world in 18 episodes: this is the extraordinary journey undertaken by Mondo Crociera, the program conceived and conducted by Floriano Omoboni in the photo with Pierfrancesco Vago. which returns for the eighteenth year, Monday 20 February at 20 on Sportitalia … Read more

The 10 most beautiful Concept Cars ever to go into production, sadly.

The concept car they often represent the pinnacle of creativity and innovation in the automotive industry. Often, however, these cars are just prototypes, displayed in car shows or used as design studies for the future. They made us dream, but in fact they were never born. The history of concept cars never produced in series … Read more

The TULIP, the “most BEAUTIFUL SKYSCRAPER in the WORLD”, does not blossom (Rendering)


London Tulip Credits: @_driplife IG Set to revolutionize the London skyline. An incredible project: panoramic galleries, external and transparent vertical lifts, restaurants and bars, without any offices. The Foster + Partners studio has long hoped that the green light would turn on to make it happen. The stages of the story. The TULIP, the “MOST … Read more

Low Cost Holidays: the 6 most beautiful and cheapest destinations in Europe


Do you want to reach some European destinations without spending a fortune? Here are the most beautiful destinations, the free activities and the costs to live in the right period, an unforgettable journey, which will cost you as much as a couple of dinners in a good Italian restaurant… If you want to take advantage … Read more

Elon Musk plans the apocalypse | It will be beautiful and Made in Russia


The richest entrepreneur in the world has given birth to a new project. Thanks to the idea of ​​Elon Musk and the projects of a Russian company it will be possible to survive the apocalypse without giving up comfort and luxury. In recent years we have witnessed the succession of several dramatic events, from the … Read more

“Athena” on Netflix according to our readers, it’s beautiful but it’s hot


Take a country, France for example, where the suburbs and the police arouse strong tensions. Add a film that explores this spring, like Athenadirected by Romain Gravasproduced by Netflix and available on the platform since September 23. Mix it all up and ask readers to 20 minutes, what they think. You will reach a consensus … Read more

New Worlds: artists at work on the most beautiful French sites


Climate challenge, health crisis, relationship to time and nature… What better than art to question the world around us and nourish the spirits? With New Worlds, an innovative program launched by the Ministry of Culture to support contemporary creation, more than 260 artistic projects proposed by 430 artists in all fields of creation (visual arts, … Read more

The Callisto Protocol Review: A Beautiful Corpse |


The pedigree of the team behind it The Callisto Protocol is undeniable: Glen Schofield, co-creator of dead spacehas estabilished Striking Distance Studios bringing with him a real elite of the AAA gaming industry, from Steve Papoutsis, his colleague at Visceral Games, to Mark James, veteran of Microprose and Lucasarts, from Stacey Hirata, curator of marketing … Read more