Fortnite MEGA, Chapter 4: new season 2, skins, weapons, crossover with AOT, Battle Pass, exit

Fortnite MEGAchapter 4 of the second season, is just arrived with a series of very interesting news. In this article we will focus on the main changes, from new skins to weapons. Let us know what you think and keep following us on VideogiochItalia. Fortnite MEGA, Chapter 4: Weapons and Vehicles The weapons Among the … Read more

The 13 best Battle Royale in which only one can remain standing

In recent years there has been a genre that has become increasingly popular and has encouraged many companies to bet on it. We talk about the battle royalesthe titles in which dozens of players compete among all of them with the sole purpose of eliminating everyone to be the last one standing and thus win … Read more

The blood pact for ‘Alita: Battle Angel’: James Cameron and Robert Rodríguez take an oath to shoot the sequel to their science fiction film

‘Alita: Battle Angel‘ hit theaters in 2019, giving many viewers their first experience of this futuristic dystopia based on the original manga that first appeared in 1990. James Cameron had spent years making the film, but as he was preparing ‘Avatar: The Water Sense‘, he turned to director Robert Rodriguez for help in bringing the … Read more

Arkanoid – Eternal Battle pill review


The great difficulty in reviewing a title like Arkanoid – Eternal Battle it resides in the productive vicissitudes of today, even before the tastes of paying players. In a panorama where the titles YYYY today they no longer seem just the preserve of large studios, and where the average videogame customer struggles to juggle the … Read more

Battle Angel Sequel Gets Promising Update As Avatar 2 Premieres


2019 Alita: Battle Angel, featuring Rosa Salazar while the titular hero – a cyborg trying to uncover the secrets of his past in a future civilization divided by corrupt social classes – seemed on paper like the stuff of a new sci-fi franchise. Based on the Japanese manga, Alita: battle angelrealized by robert rodriguezand written … Read more

Battle Royale un sorprendente trattato sulla violenza | Lega Nerd


Le regole per la sopravvivenza sono state dettate nel 2000 da Battle Royale. Il thriller distopico di Kinji Fukasaku (regista di grandi film come Tora! Tora! Tora!), arriva nei cinema italiani per la prima volta in versione in alta definizione (4K) e nella versione Director’s cut dal 20 ottobre 2022. Sceneggiato da Kenta Fukasaku, figlio … Read more

Return to Monkey Island: We interview Ron Gilbert, who reveals the secret of Monkey Island to us, and even makes him participate in a battle of insults


GQ: What you say is very interesting because many developers who use Kickstarter to finance their games always talk about counting on the community to improve their game. And I always thought that maybe this is true, but also that users don’t always know what to do because they’re gamers, not developers. RG: There is … Read more

Fortnite Battle Royale update v21.50


The new Fortnite update arrives, without a shadow of a doubt. In Fortnite’s Battle Royale v21.50, let the ghost spirit (it’s not a joke!) Guide your combat strategy! Ghost Shadow Week Samurai alive, ghost in the afterlife: Phantom has always had a knack for stealth. In Ghost Shadow week Coming Soon, the Silenced Assault Rifle, … Read more