Jensen One. What is this crazy concept based on Citroën XM?

A very original reinterpretation of the Citroën XM saw the light of day in 1992: the Jensen One. The argus returns to the story of this innovative and unique prototype product. By Gatien-Hugo Riposseau Published on 03/18/2023 – 13:32 The Jensen One, a very original reinterpretation of the Citroën XM, was born in 1992. The … Read more

LEGO Speed ​​Champions’ weirdest new car is based on a game

There’s a funny duck among the latest wave of LEGO Speed ​​Champions together, and it’s unique for a reason: because it’s actually based on a video game. Four new LEGO Speed ​​Champions sets will be hitting shelves on March 1, and the pack’s headliner is 76918 McLaren Solus GT and McLaren F1 LM. The bright … Read more

‘The Last of Us’: release date in Mexico, trailer, cast and everything we know about the series based on the PlayStation video game


series of ‘The Last of Us’ seems to be just around the corner after the slip up in HBO Maxwhere they updated the entry of the teaser trailer Placing that its date, set for the beginning of next year. With Pedro Pascala and Bella Ramsey as protagonists, this series promises to be a great tribute … Read more

5 Horror Movies Based On Chilling True Stories


From ‘The Exorcist’ to ‘The Conjuring’, these are the most famous horror movies based on true stories. There is nothing more chilling than discovering that a horror movie it was inspired by something that happened in reality. The security that the screen gives us when we see demonic possessions, spectral apparitions Y devil dolls is … Read more

Fate of a superhero: Henry Cavill, from Superman to a series based on a war game | UPR


On Wednesday, a piece of news shook the world of superhero movies: Henry Cavill will no longer play Superman. The 39-year-old British actor donned the paladin’s suit in three films, between 2013 and 2021 (“Man of Steel”; “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”; “League of Justice”; plus a brief cameo in “Black Adam”) but before … Read more

Should you eat or avoid certain foods based on your blood type? experts speak


If your blood is type B, you shouldn’t eat corn, wheat, tomatoes, peanuts, and certain seeds. That’s what the blood group diet says. Despite its popularity, it is an eating plan that has no scientific evidence and can cause risks to the body. (Photo: Getty) You blood type it’s important in ways that might surprise … Read more

The ‘bad’ billionaire of Don’t Look Up is based on Elon Musk: an actor confirms it


Played masterfully by actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, Don’t Look Up was one of the most talked about films of recent months: Adam McKay’s feature film was the most watched in Italy during the Christmas period, and the second most watched film ever on Netflix. Among the reasons for the success: a … Read more

Netflix Premieres: This week a frenetic Spanish ‘thriller’, an anime based on a video game and the new movie of one of the protagonists of ‘Stranger Things’


‘Santo’, ‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ and ‘Revancha ya’ are some of the novelties added to the platform’s catalog. A new week begins, and as usual Netflix intends to surprise you with the premiere of a wide variety of series and movies for all tastes. In the seriéfilo catalog, this week you will be able to find the … Read more

Injustice: 5 reasons to see the movie based on the video game


Top reasons to see Injustice, an animated adaptation of the DC video game, available on Infinity. Injustice: a scene from the film Come up Infinity the animated film Injusticebased on the video game with DC characters and part of the DC Universe Original Animated Movies genre, intended for the home video and platform market. A … Read more

‘Blade Runner’: 40 years of a cult science fiction film, by Ridley Scott, based on a book by Philip K. Dick


Still from ‘Blade Runner’, by Ridley Scott, based on the nouvelle ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, by Philip K. Dick. /W Magazine The Movie: Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ Cult Classic A new cinematographic era began in the seventies and the eighties was its most innovative impulse, and Blade Runner is one of the best … Read more