Can ChatGPT replace journalists and article writers?

A real fairground phenomenon, ChatGPT quickly became the event everyone is talking about in society. Boiling the teaching staff, it was banned by Sciences Po and caused the cancellation of an exam in Strasbourg! In a futuristic world, he would even be able to replace journalists and other authors of articles or books! Faced with … Read more

Lidl: Pay close attention to this article, UFC


Lidl is currently the subject of controversy. One of its products is the main reason for this. Will this problem tarnish the reputation of the brand? A specialist in the discount market, Lidl stands out with a variety of products offered at low prices. However, the brand is experiencing difficulties with one of its products. … Read more

Where to invest your cryptocurrency? (article published by RiskAssur


To write a comment Where to invest your cryptocurrency? Article read 895 times, since its publication on 07/25/2022 at 09:52:20 (length: 3549 characters) In an era where everything goes digital, money is no exception to the rule. Cryptocurrency, also called cryptoasset or cybercurrency, is a digital currency that does not depend on the central bank. … Read more