Saudi Arabia on the offensive to restore its image

Posted on January 03, 2023 Massive publicity for Neom, the futuristic desert city wanted by the Saudi ruler, which will host the Asian Winter Games in 2029. Purchase of aging football star Cristiano Ronaldo for 200 million dollars. Saudi Arabia invests all over the place in sporting events so as not to leave Qatar’s soft … Read more

Saudi Arabia also wants its share of the market in the skies of the Gulf

Riyadh embarked on an aggressive airline strategy to capture market share already dominated by other heavyweights in the Gulf by announcing in quick succession the launch of a second airline and a large order of planes. This project is part of the oil kingdom’s desire to become a business and tourist destination, although the bet … Read more

“The Line”, a futuristic city 170 km long, will it see the light of day in Saudi Arabia?


Imagine a mixture of the futuristic Los Angeles of the film blade runner and Le Corbusier’s Cité radieuse, in an eco-friendly version… “The Line”, a long monolithic building covered with mirrors, 200 m wide and stretching over 170 km, housing a futuristic city, is Mohammed’s crazy project ben Salman, known as “MBS”, crown prince of … Read more

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. In Saudi Arabia, The Line, the futuristic and controversial city of the Neom project, is already visible from the sky


In the north-west of the country, this Dantesque construction site is accompanied by as many promises as doubts. Satellite images make it possible to follow the very real progress of the work. You have to imagine a city built in the middle of the desert. Everything you need is within a five minute walk. To … Read more

Will Saudi Arabia soon have a second F1 Grand Prix?


Will Saudi Arabia’s place in F1 get even stronger in the future? In addition to Aramco’s very significant investment in sport (partnership with Aston Martin F1, with the FOM, development of new renewable fuel), the country also has a Grand Prix in Jeddah. Will there soon be… two on the calendar? Logically, Jeddah’s time is … Read more

The first images of the futuristic NEOM megacity in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia’s futuristic NEOM megacity will stretch 170 kilometers and house two massive mirror-covered skyscrapers, according to new plans unveiled by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which have not erased doubts about the economic feasibility and environment of the project. Called “The Line”, the two huge parallel skyscrapers 500 meters high will form the center … Read more

Saudi Arabia: “The Line Neom”, the architectural dream of MBS, an urban absurdity?


The height of this urban structure must reach 500 meters, a height and a half times greater than that of the Eiffel Tower. It’s not just big buildings. Housing, public parks and pedestrian areas, schools or workplaces,… On each floor of the structure, residents will be able to access all their daily needs in five … Read more

“The Line”: the crazy project of a city in a straight line for the futuristic megalopolis of Saudi Arabia


Called “The Line”, the two huge parallel skyscrapers 500 meters high will form the center of the city on the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia’s futuristic Neom megacity will stretch 170 kilometers and house two massive skyscrapers covered in mirrors, according to latest plans unveiled at the end of July by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, … Read more

Inside NEOM in Saudi Arabia: The Line, Trojena and Oxagon, everything you need to know


NOSa 5,000-year-old region in Saudi Arabia that connects Asia, Africa and Europe, will become the most futuristic area in the world with the development of The Line, Trojena and Oxagon. These three megaprojects are part of the kingdom’s Vision 2030 plan to diversify its economy and stop depending on the oil market. Then, We detail … Read more