Our opinion on Hello Tomorrow, a new Apple TV+ series that aims for the moon but misses its landing

There is no shortage of good series on AppleTV+. Of For All Mankind To Ted Lasso Passing by The Morning Show And Severancethe streaming platform knows the magic formula to offer content quality to its subscribers. But sometimes it also throws smoke in our eyes. This is the case with Hello Tomorrow!a new series with … Read more

HiPhi X, a new Chinese who aims at Europe and criticizes other Chinese

Human Horizons (HH) is a new Chinese brand which, with its unique model HiPhi X, intends to arrive in Europe in 2023, together with Zeekr, NioXpeng and the many other brands that form the ever-increasing Chinese expansion. HiPhi X was launched in China in May 2021 with a price starting from 500,000 yuan, about €70,000and … Read more

RUBICON, the futuristic comic that aims to break the market outside publishers

The financing campaign for the digital comic “RUBICON .vol.1” is now available. An idea from the creators Rodrigo Zayas and Víctor Puchalski that aims to be a revolution in the world of comics. Qualified as Turbo Studio’s most ambitious project, participation in the crowdfunding has five different rewards, since depending on the money contributed to … Read more

CD Projekt Red aims to relaunch: Cyberpunk sequel is coming and a new trilogy for the Witcher


A new era is opening up for the studio in the name of total transparency: it is rare, in fact, that a videogame software house outlines its plans for the future with such clarity, a sign that the cyclone faced after the release of Cyberpunk 2077 is actually served to change course. And it is … Read more

Endling: Extinction is Forever, a game that aims to raise awareness of climate change on the planet


Endling is a concept that has no translation into Spanish. It was invented in the 70s and refers to the last specimen of a species before its extinction. The title developed by Herobeat Studios takes up this theme and poses a futuristic world, not too distant in time (between 2050 and 2100), where it is … Read more