What to see and do today in Pamplona and Navarra


‘Scientific Reeds’. Central Pamplona. 7:00 p.m. Enjoy scientific monologues and creative theater while having a drink with your friends. Organizes: Chair of Women, Science and Technology of the UPNA. Free entry.

Lecture ‘The secrets of Teobaldo’s tiles: a scientific perspective’. Navarra Museum. 7pm. Speaker: Iván Ruiz Ardanaz (University of Navarra, Department of Chemistry): In August 2009, a tiled floor was discovered in one of the halls of the Palace of Teobaldo II in Tiebas. Due to their typology, they were classified as originating in France. However, its discovery raised numerous questions about its history: How many were there? who made them? where? What? How were they transported to Navarra? Some of these questions have begun to be answered through an interdisciplinary study that combines history, archaeology, physics and chemistry. Free entry until complete seats. Invitations can be picked up at the box office from 5:00 p.m.


‘Characters, heroes and influencers’. Museum University of Navarra-MUN. 10:30 a.m. Cycle ‘Confluences VI’. With Ruth Gutiérrez Delgado, professor of Series Scripting and Communication Epistemology, who investigates audiovisual poetics, myth and hero; Francisco Varo, expert in Sacred Scripture and professor of Biblical Characters, at the Faculty of Theology; and Ana Choperena, professor of Narratives, care and existence, at the Faculty of Nursing. Free admission after withdrawing the invitation until full capacity is reached.

‘Nessum Dorma. Sounds of the futuristic city’. Navarre Archive. 19 hours. Lecture given by Marta Cureses, Professor of History of Art and Musicology, who is also a prolific researcher, writer, curator, organizer of meetings with international projection. The expert will analyze how the confluence of the ideals of the futurist movement with the interests of rationalist architecture and its musical projection are at the origin of an attractive artistic heritage, which spread from Europe to America, generating a sound world analogous to the current metaverse. Cycle ‘The Ideas Suenan’, organized by Jakiunde. ‘Autumn Archimusical’ from the Archive. Free entry until complete seats.

Talks ‘The ABC that saves lives’. Navarre Library. 19 hours. Cycle ‘The ABC that saves lives’. ‘ABC+D: unsuccessful resuscitation, does it all end there?’, with José Roldán Ramírez. ‘Measuring is improving? The record of cardiac arrest’, with Alfredo Echarri Sucunza. ‘New horizon: extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ECMO)’, with Aitor Ansótegui Hernández. Moderator: Clint Jean Louis Fernández. Organizers: Library of Navarra and the Abc that saves lives.

‘How can we prevent overheating in our home? Climate Ready Project’. Environmental Education Museum, Pamplona. 19 hours. ‘School of Sustainability’. Aurora Monge Barrio and Ainhoa ​​Arriazu Ramos participate. Heat waves are an increasingly present reality, in a more severe and prolonged way, in our summer. It will analyze which factors of housing and use are key to avoiding this overheating and what actions can be carried out to adapt our homes to hotter summers and heat waves. Conference based on the studies and results of the ‘ClimaReady’ project, subsidized by the State Research Plan Challenges of Society I+D+I 2019 (MICINN). Free entrance until full capacity.

‘Is consumption a tool for transformation?’. Geltoki, Pamplona. 7:00 p.m. The first of the spaces for debate/colloquia of this edition of ‘#mESS’ focused on critical consumption will take place around this issue. We will be accompanied by two people with extensive experience in projects for the dissemination of conscious and critical consumption and notable references at the state level in this field, such as the journalist and co-founder of the project ‘Carro de Combate’ Nazaret Castro and the coordinator of ‘Opcions’ Gerard Pijoan.

Round table ‘Life as a sport’. Classroom 200 Sports Center of the University of Navarra. 7:30 p.m. Speakers: Manuel Iznaola Gómez, author of ‘Irurtzun and Atakondoa. Sports seeds and fruits at the feet of the Two Sisters’. Javier Trigo, author of ‘God is an athlete. A Christian view of sport’. Coté Zegers, athlete specializing in handball and athletics. And Mikel Astiz, athlete specialized in duathlon. Moderator: Fermín Astrain, journalist from ‘Navarre’s Game Time’ at COPE. Organizes: EUNSA publishing house.



Presentation of the collection of poems ‘Code of ethics’. New Main Casino, Pamplona. 7:00 p.m. Author: Isabel Hualde. With a prologue by Marta Navarro, it has an epilogue by Santi Elso and illustrations by Oihana Garro. Likewise, there are poems translated into Basque by Iñaki Baztarrika and Mikel Sanz Tirapu.

Book Release. ‘Painted words. The Living Library’. San Francisco Public Library, 6:30 p.m. The publication includes an art project with girls and boys from 6 to 12 years old, developed between 2016 and 2021 in six municipal libraries. Photography, literature, narrative and plastic languages ​​are integrated to enhance creativity and artistic expression from childhood. The presentation will feature the authors of the book, Lola Azparren and Blas Campos. Free admission, prior registration on the phone 948 206 831 or at bidariarte@bidari3.com


‘Germany year zero’. Navarra Film Library. 7:30 p.m. Cycle ‘Essential Roberto Rossellini’. Italy, 1948. The third installment of Rossellini’s war trilogy focuses on Edmund, a twelve-year-old boy trying to survive in a crumbling Berlin. With a family in tatters – a sick father, a brother in hiding, and a sister who all claim she’s a prostitute – he must find a way to get by. Asking an old professor for help, he receives the message that in times of weakness, the weak must perish for the rest to survive. Presents: Ramon Herrera. Tickets: €2.

‘Our Voices’. Golem Baiona Cinemas, Pamplona. 6:30 p.m. Director: Natxo Leuza (Spain, 2022). ‘XVII Film Show The World and Human Rights’-‘Refugees’. Fadia, Wais and Emram flee from the hell of one of the worst humanitarian crises of the 21st century: the armed conflict in Afghanistan. They have spent all the savings of their families and risk their lives to be able to reach Europe. Their journey will transform them into other people, they will never be the same again. Arriving in the fields of Greece, they settle in a kind of Limbo, of pause, of despair, where they feel that time stops and that their lives are worth nothing. All they have left are their voices. They want to shout and explain to the world that it is not their fault that they were born in that country, and that, at least, they deserve to be treated as people. Guest: Natxo Leuza, director of the documentary. Free entry.

‘Tori and Lokita’. Golem Baiona Cinemas, Pamplona. 7:30 p.m. Directors: Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne (Belgium, 2022). ‘XVII Film Show The World and Human Rights’-Migration. In today’s Belgium, the invincible friendship of a boy and a teenager who arrived alone from Africa will have to overcome the difficult conditions of their exile. Guests: Aleyda Gaspar González, professor-researcher at the Academy of Communication and Culture of the Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM), and Melissa López Somarriba, Communication for Development studies at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, is exiled politics. Both collaborate with SOS Racismo Navarra. Tickets: €6.

‘A promising young lady’. Ansoain Theater. 19 hours. Film Forum. From Emerald Fennel. United Kingdom, 2020. Cassie lives a double life after her promising and brilliant career is cut short by an event that will mark her deeply. She spends her nights wandering around the city looking for revenge… Free admission until full capacity. Invitations: www.ansoain.es or at the box office an hour and a half before.


Performative installation: ‘Farfarout’. Civivox Constable. 20 hours. Interdisciplinary performative proposal in which science, music, dance, soundscapes, mediation and research dialogue. A team of astronomers recently confirmed the discovery of a new, more remote object in our solar system, scientifically known as 2018AG37 and nicknamed Farfarout. Condestable becomes a cosmic calendar that is inhabited and experienced. The central courtyard hosts the big bang, and from it the history of the universe unfolds, which will be distributed in twelve interconnected rooms of the Constable’s Palace, located in space according to their distance from the big bang, from the central courtyard. Free entrance until full capacity.


Storytelling ‘Elías en el castillo de Olite’ + Workshop. El Corte Inglés Cultural Area Hall, Pamplona. 18 hours. With Beatriz Sánchez Widmer. Free entry.

Inclusive storytelling. Lestonac Civic Center, Tudela. 5:30 p.m. Age between 4 to 8 years. Collaborate: Public Library. II Conference for Disability in Tudela: ‘Adding Capacities’. Free entrance, until capacity is completed.

Storytelling ‘Stop the story I’m getting off’. Vallesantoro Palace-House of Culture of Sangüesa. 6:30 p.m. In Spanish. With Maider Lekunberri. Free entrance.


‘Terrifying Week of the House of Youth’. Pamplona Youth House. XI Navarr International Horror and Fantasy Film Festivala. 7:00 p.m. Screenings today: Short films. 1st ‘Face not recognized’, 2nd ‘Rhea’, 3rd ‘We, the beasts’, 4th ‘Operation Frankenstein’, 5th ‘The tenant (The tenant)’, 6th ‘Teo’. Free admission until full capacity In addition, Horror Escape Room: ‘The Toymaker’s Return: The Toymaker has escaped’. 17 and 18 hours. After years in prison, the notorious serial killer has escaped from the high security prison in which he was locked up. In his cell there was only one puzzle left that no one has been able to solve…until now. For groups of up to 6 people. Registration at the Casa de la Juventud or by calling 948 23 35 12. ‘Coffee-afternoon games: ‘Guess the horror movie’ and ‘The ghost’. Youth House, 5:30 p.m. Free entrance until full capacity.

Fakes-Day of the Savior. 12 noon Hermitage of the Savior. Eucharist celebration in honor of the Patron El Salvador of the World. Appetizer Served by the Junta Del Salvador. Performance by the Txikis Dance group from Makaia. 5:30 p.m. Civic Center Tent. Imperial Duo Concert.

What to see and do today in Pamplona and Navarra