What does the return of the metal bralette tell us about today’s fashion?

New nocturnal amazons move to the rhythm of techno music between festivals that last days, cyborgs with sinuous lines explore the metaverse, creatures goth they let themselves be fascinated by weirdcore And fairycore telling a tale about escapism. Let’s forget for a moment the heavy bra-armor of Xena the warrior princess and think of new interspaces that exist on the border between day and night, between material and digital. How do you dress to face an uncertain world? One of the growing trends is certainly that of metal braletteeven better if studded with crystals and sparkling details for a strobe effect.

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It is, in fact, a return because fashion was already fascinated by this accessory when the multiverse was not even a distant idea. In 1966 Paco Rabanneknown for his forward-looking and eclectic vision, presented the collection Manifesto: 12 Unwearable Dresses in Modern Materials, which sanctioned her immediate success in the Paris of the time: they were provocative dresses that imagined the future without forgetting the past, like the mini dress in aluminum plates with a sci-fi allure that at the same time reminded medieval soldiers. These are years marked by distant fascinations and great discoveries, years in which man lands on the moon for the first time, making the mysterious space a more tangible hair in the common imagination. In fashion the trend of retrofuturismled by Rabanne who in recent years even designed the clothes of the sci-fi comedy Barbarella (1968) starring Jane Fonda.

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In the same years they also embraced the futuristic style André Courrègeswith mini silhouettes and clean lines made of innovative materials such as PVC and paint, e Pierre Cardin, which on the same wave played with unusual geometries and fabrics, sci-fi inspirations and vivid colors. In the 80s it arrives Thierry Mugler, another visionary who over the years has folded fabrics and materials to his will to create collections with multiform inspirations and a whole series of fantastic characters: aliens, cyborgs, Botticellian Venus, cowgirls, odalisques. In the mid-90s, the designer chooses precisely the metal for corsets and bras-armor imbued with sensuality; the same combination of strength and sexy appeal is what inspires today’s metal bralettes, poised between sculptural garments and dress code from festival. From the retro futurist vein to pop culture it is a moment and so, evolving over the years, the metal bralettes come up to Madonnawho in 1993 during her world tour “Girlie show” shows off her emblematic cone bra in a rigid black version encrusted with crystals.

thierry mugler automne hiver 1995

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Today the sci-fi references are mixed with the trends coming from Y2K fashion and the massive interference of metaversewhich constantly leads us to ask ourselves in what direction our sense of self and our relationship with the tangible, the corporeal will evolve – we think about Bella Hadid who created NFTs in which he appears in a cyborg version -. Not only that, there are references to festival culture re-emerged following the “liberation” from the pandemic and above all the sense of escapism which has marked the last few years. This accessory, in fact, is today at the center of ensemble ethereal that blend inspirations Gothic, Neo-Baroque and fairycore: from the dramaturgical fashion shows by Dilara Findikoglu that mixes elaborate metal bralettes with very light sheer dresses or theatrical corsets, with the sci-fi creatures of Iris Van Herpen dressed in impalpable sculptures made in half of rigid materials such as metal, in fact.

dilara findikoglu aw20

Filippo FiorImaxtree

The result is a nostalgic and at the same time hyper-modern, refined and sparkling mix, reflecting on the one hand the desire to return to celebrate by celebrating every moment, on the other hand the constant sense of escapism that governs our lives by triggering birth. of a whole series of attached and connected aesthetics: theavatarizationwhether it’s wearing exaggerated makeup and elf ears, di casual cosplay or simply to steal clothes from the extras of a historical reconstruction, is a growing phenomenon and to which we owe most of these trends – which can then be more or less versatile and lend themselves to creating absolutely modern looks, such as the bralette.

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What does the return of the metal bralette tell us about today’s fashion?