Urban, danceable or “despechao”, the musical summer of 2022 is Latin again

Bad news for those who do not love urban style, “twerking” and hip wiggling, because one more year and even more clearly this year of 2022 is being a summer of dominance throughout the world of music in Spanish, with the Argentine Bizarrap, the Spanish Rosalía and the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny as great responsible.

They own six of the ten top positions on Spotify’s “Global 50” list, a proportion that skyrockets in countries like Spain, where Latin artists are full. Here is a list of ten songs that will not stop playing this season in beach bars, car radios and dance floors.

“BZRP Music Sessions Vol 52”, by Bizarrap and Quevedo: the conjunction of these two rappers or, what is the same, from Argentina and Spain, has become number 1 in the world for weeks, a viral phenomenon outside multinationals to “twerk all night”. From the “Music Sessions” it is also worth rescuing the previous volume, with Villano Antillano.

“Despecha”, by Rosalía: From “Bizcochito” to “Saoko”, any of the songs from her latest album, “Motomami”, could put this summer in tune, but the creative torrent of the Catalan made her add even newer cuts like this mambo to her current tour that, when it still had no name or recorded version, already became one of the most chanted moments of their live shows.

“I congratulate you”, by the Colombian Shakira and the Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro: It is commendable that after more than 30 years of career, the one from Barranquilla continues billing contagious “hits” like this danceable song with a certain futuristic touch that, according to some voices, alludes to her breakup with soccer player Gerard Piqué.

“Las 12”, by Ana Mena and Belinda: Although there are those who prefer the original version in Italian, “Mezzanotte”, the Spanish one scores a new goal with the cut written by Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo that in its translation into Spanish has another music diva in this language, the Hispano-Mexican Belinda.

“You want”, by Aitana, Emilia and Ptazeta: If already with “Formentera” she managed to put a beach background to the cold months of last winter, with this recent song that anticipates her next album, the young Catalan continues to make merits to become one of the essential queens of the summer.

“Titi asked me”, by Bad Bunny: It would be strange that with an album under his arm entitled “A summer without you”, the Puerto Rican star of the “streaming” charts was not one of the protagonists of the season, for example with this rhythmic single that the public has turned into the of greatest success of that last work.

– “Givenchy”, by Duki: Precisely from the hand of Bad Bunny, this Argentine ragpicker got one of his greatest hits, “Goteo”. In full crest of the wave, he returns to the genre that gave birth to him with an agile and aggressive verb to demonstrate that he knows how to “front” without exaggerating.

“As It Was”, Harry Styles: The already emblematic eighties keyboard from the beginning, which relates it to the progression of “Take On Me” by A-ha, is such a powerful and recognizable hook that it has made the first preview of “Harry’s House” one of the great successes of the Briton’s career. A piece of happy melody to actually talk about mental health.

– “Break My Soul” by Beyonce: The American does not abandon her claim of identity in favor of the black community in “Renaissance”, his latest album (surprise), this time from a hedonistic perspective that invites you to the dance floor with afrobeat clothes and, as in this case, with a house production from the 90s.

“Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)”, by Kate Bush: Who would have told the British singer-songwriter that her empowering song from 1985, then number 3 in her country, would return to the world spotlight 37 years later thanks to its inclusion in the OST of the series “Stranger Things”” to crown the list of the most played songs on digital platforms in the US.

Urban, danceable or “despechao”, the musical summer of 2022 is Latin again