Transparent MagSafe iPhone chargers bring futuristic sensations

Transparent design in technology has always had a futuristic feel, and now Momax brings the aesthetic to MagSafe compatible iPhone charging accessories. Momax has combined transparent style with quality and affordability with its own battery packs, charging tablets and car phone holders. This allows you to see the wireless charging coils, as well as the magnetic ring behind a glass cover inside each charger. Read on for hands-on impressions with these clear MagSafe chargers and find out how to save 10% on checkout.

MFi Wireless Magnetic Power Bank with Stand

The first one is made for iPhone Qmag 5 Power (IP105MFI). This is a Momax MFi External Wireless Magnetic External Battery Pack with Bracket. (Made for iPhone certification means Momax uses Apple’s official Lightning port, just like the iPhone.)

The little power bank has a great feel in the hand: the interior-revealing glass cover gives it the look of a framed iPhone chassis, and the aluminum casing adds to the quality. It features five LED charging indicators on the bottom next to the power switch that looks like it’s coming straight from your iPhone.

Between the power button and the LED lights is the Lightning port to recharge the power bank, which allows you to charge the power bank with the same cable you use to charge your iPhone. You can even turn on the power brick while it’s charging by using Lightning to connect the charge to the iPhone.

Finally, the power bank features a foldable cover on the back that acts as an iPhone stand. You can use your iPhone vertically while charging from the power bank, or you can choose between two horizontal positions for the stand that also work when the power bank is charging.

All of this adds up to a more functional power bank and wireless charging battery than Apple’s special offerings, and that’s even before you consider the 5,000mAh battery inside.

This is very suitable for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users (and iPhone 14 users soon) due to the charging port. The wireless charging feature also powers the AirPods charging cases, and the MagSafe mount helps with alignment and positioning.

USB-C Wireless Magnetic Power Bank with Stand

Next from Momax is Q.MAG POWER 5 with USB-C (IP108). This is a very similar wireless power bank and it has some differences from the MFi version; Both power banks appear to be very similar. The difference lies in how the power banks are recharged and the function they provide.

This power bank mounts to the back of your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 via MagSafe for a secure fit and efficient wireless charging. Both power banks also include safety features that prevent overheating, overcharging, and short circuits through FOB protection.

While the Lightning version sticks to wired input for power delivery, the USB-C variant features wired input and output, meaning you can use this power bank as a wireless battery pack or pack. Wired battery for faster power delivery. Maximum wireless charging for iPhone is 7.5W, and using the built-in USB-C port and compatible cable increases iPhone charging to 20W for faster charging, allowing iPhone 8 or later reach 50% power in 30 minutes.

Both power banks include a glass cover to reveal the interior of the wireless charger, an aluminum frame for durability, and a compact, foldable stand that is mounted on the back. The USB-C power bank stand has a different folding design that is easy to use in portrait or landscape orientation.

The USB-C version is ideal for iPhone users who already use USB-C accessories (Momax includes a USB-C to USB-C charging cable in the box) or who need the fastest charging options in a jiffy. Both power banks have 5000mAh batteries, but this version can provide faster power as an option. Just consider the convenient tradeoff of charging the power bank with the same cable as your iPhone (at least until Next year when the iPhone 15 it is expected to migrate to USB-C).

Wireless charger and magnetic car charger

Finally, Momax has more transparent MagSafe chargers for iPhone 12 and later.

For wireless charging when you’re not on the go, Momax introduced an excellent, high-quality MagSafe USB-C charging cable called Q.MAG 2 (UD21). The four-foot braided cable feels nice and sturdy, and the MagSafe side is thin and light.

The aluminum exterior is combined with a glass cover that reveals the internal charging coils and magnets for a simple, modern look. This is a great accessory for wirelessly charging your iPhone, even while in use, and works as a standard Qi charger for other wireless charging accessories, including AirPods.

Finally, we have a file. Magnetic mount Q3 (CM20) from Momax. This is a universal Qi-enabled wireless charging car kit with a futuristic look and ultra-slim shape. Inside the box, you’ll find a MagSafe-compatible charging pad, a USB-C to USB-C cable, and a flexible mount adapter that plugs into your vehicle’s air vent.

The magnetic wireless charging pad uses the same aluminum coating and glass cover that detects the charging coils and magnets. The power delivery port on the bottom lets you connect any USB-C cable to your wireless charger (including a USB-C to USB-A cable if your car doesn’t have USB-C). Momax even includes a power switch on the charging pad, so you can optionally use the MagSafe accessory as a phone holder without always charging.

The mounting accessory is also versatile, with adjustable clamps for maximum compatibility with car vents. The adjustable pivot also allows you to tilt and rotate the MagSafe phone mount in any direction; this offers more functionality than basic iPhone MagSafe mounts without any charging support, and you don’t need to provide your own MagSafe charging puck because it’s built right into the phone mount. .

Save on clear MagSafe chargers

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Transparent MagSafe iPhone chargers bring futuristic sensations