TPMP: Cyril Hanouna upsets the programs at the last minute on C8, “We are deprogramming”

It’s really not easy to follow Cyril Hanouna. Always plugged into 100,000 Volts, he has just announced a tsunami!

Cyril Hanouna swings heavy!

Ah Cyril Hanouna. Very clever the one who can sum up his personality. Both caustic and futuristic, he is several steps ahead of all the other animators of his generation. In short, he very quickly understood the interest of offering a platform to his fanzouzes. For example, during the first demonstrations of Yellow Vests, some leaders come to explain themselves on the set of Balance Your Post. Since then, he has been keen to let everyone speak. Even if these columnists often go to pieces on certain subjects, he likes to be the referee and distribute good or bad points.

Last year, in the midst of a pandemic, a handful of conspirators sowed panic at the Canal Factory. Never mind, Cyril Hanouna manages to ease the tensions, Between the refractory to the protocol health and those who defend the tooth and nail vaccine. When the presidential election approaches, some think of him to animate the debate between two rounds. Sweeping that idea away in seconds, he suddenly a revelation. Why not invite the main motivated candidates to succeed Brigitte Macron’s husband? And to get the hostilities off to a good start, he offers the controversial Eric Zemmour to come. Result of the races, the atmosphere is electric. For his part, Baba rubs his hands. To say that his concept smashes audience records is an understatement. What if he did it again in 2023?

This deprogramming creates the buzz!

In recent weeks, the pension reform give a hard time to Emmanuel Macron’s teams. Despite her vain attempts at pedagogy, Elisabeth Borne pedals in sauerkraut. Indeed, criticized, de-zinced, atomized by all the unions, this file divides society. This is why a second episode of strike is scheduled for the last day of January. In this stormy context, the producer animator summons the management of C8. Wanting to score the shot at all costs, he announces having succeeded in convincing a guest of chic and shock. Who is it ? The answer, Objeko give it to you right away!

As soon as Cyril Hanouna gets the deal, he can’t hide the news from his early admirers. Taking advantage that all his columnists are around the table, he swings. ” We will do a Face à Baba live with Olivier Véran who will be there against the French. He accepted Seizing this pole and not wanting to let go, he competes in ingenuity so that everything goes perfectly. Intended to entertain the public, this film goes by the wayside. By promising us that the former Minister of Health won’t censor himself,” will talk about everything and speak out on everything, it tickles our curiosity. It’s obvious… we will of course be in front of the small skylight that evening. Inevitably, we will give you a colorful report! See you soon for new adventures!

TPMP: Cyril Hanouna upsets the programs at the last minute on C8, “We are deprogramming” –