Toyota bZ Compact Suv: price, dimensions and technical data

The new 100% electric concept from Toyota has been unveiled: the bZ Compact Suv is preparing to join the C-HR in the C segment.

The surprises continue Toyota at the Los Angeles Motor Show: the Japanese house has unveiled the new concept bZ Compact SUV, a 100% electric crossover that seems destined to join C-HR in the C segment. We don’t yet know many details on the new Japanese crossover, but the available images show the direction taken by the brand in developing the zero impact range. Furthermore, we know that the personal assistant on board Yui will also debut on the model.

Here she is data sheet of the new one Toyota bZ Compact SUV:

Data sheet
Number of places 5
Power supplies electric
HP/kW (from)
Price (from)

The appearance of the new Toyota bZ Compact SUV reveals an attention to both aesthetics and aerodynamics, giving the car a futuristic style. On the front stand out the razor sharp LED optical groupswhich extend across the entire width of the muzzle. Obviously no mask, but only one large air intake that extends horizontally.

The side features a beautiful play of solids and voids, thanks to a belt line that sculpts the muscles of the crossover. The back is also characterized by angular elements, which give the model a certain aggressiveness. Again, the LED headlights develop horizontally in a narrow strip that crosses the entire tailgate.

The interior also represents a decisive innovation compared to what has been seen so far on Toyota models. Of course it is only a concept, but the new bZ certainly indicates the direction the house is aiming for. In the cockpit, the unpublished works are immediately striking curved screens of digital instrumentation and infotainment, but also the joystick steering wheel that winks at future autonomous driving.

Furthermore, in the “Beyond Zero” perspective, Toyota has announced that many of the materials used in the manufacturing and above all in the interior will be made with recycled materials of vegetable origin. But the surprises on board don’t end there: the new bZ debuts thecabin personal assistant Yuiwhich interacts with the driver and passengers via audio and lights (thanks to ambient lighting).

  • Electric: the electric motor allows you to save on consumption and not have to worry about emissions.
  • Yui: the on-board personal assistant is making its debut, with which you can control the vehicle’s functions.
  • Style: the minimalist and elegant design projects the bZ Compact SUV into the future.

Toyota bZ Compact Suv: price, dimensions and technical data