Tons of Tales from the Borderlands 2 information leaked

In April we have received the good news is that Tales from the Borderlands would have a sequel, this time being developed by Gearbox themselves (they also make the main Borderlands series) instead of Telltale Games who made the original adventure.

But since then it’s been very quiet. But now we have a very, very reliable sign that a correct revelation is about to happen at any moment. Like so many times before, it was an age rating organization that spilled a ton of beans. This time it was IMDA Singapore who rated the age of the adventure and thanks to that we now know that it will be a violent game with lots of bad language.

Since the information is so comprehensive that it borders on spoilers, we have included the full age rating result below the image for you to read. If you’d rather wait for an official demo, it’s probably not far off at all, as the age ratings are usually pretty close to the actual release. We assume it will be shown during Gamescom next week.

“New Tales From The Borderlands Deluxe Edition” is a compilation of “Tales From the Borderlands” and its sequel “New Tales From The Borderlands”. The compilation is rated M18 for strong violence and gore. For more information on “Tales From The Borderlands”, please refer to the game’s record in the Rating Database.

“New Tales From The Borderlands” is an adventure game set on the futuristic planet of Pandora. The game revolves around Anu, a scientist who seeks to harness a crystal with healing powers with the help of her brother, Octavio, and Fran, the owner of a frozen yogurt shop. They fight corporate interests that want to take control of the crystal.

The game is rated M18 for strong violence and gore.

The player controls one of three protagonists at different points in the game and makes narrative decisions when presented with dialogue or action options. The player can encounter enemies such as humans, robots, and mutants. In these encounters, the player must successfully press a sequence of buttons in response to on-screen prompts to pass the encounter. Failure to do so often results in death and the player must start from the previous checkpoint.

Throughout the game, there are depictions of intense violence. An example of such an encounter results in either a man stabbing a woman in the neck or on the top of her head; or the woman who freezes the man and shatters him, leaving behind frozen fragments, including a severed limb and head. There are also other strong depictions of violence with blood spatter detail, such as figures shot in the chest or head, or stabbed in the eye with a pistol grip. Also, there are depictions of gore such as a woman seen with a severed leg and a sequence where a character attempts to reattach a severed head to a corpse using a metal rod. Overall, these depictions would be more appropriate within the scope of an M18 rating where rating guidelines allow “depictions of realistic violence, such as killing, maiming, or causing other serious injury to humanoid characters.”

The game contains some use of foul language, such as the expletive “f**k” and other words such as “ass”, “shit”, and “bastard”.

Tales from the Borderlands 2

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Tons of Tales from the Borderlands 2 information leaked