Today’s ephemeris December 29, 2022: What happened on December 29?

On a day like today but in 2020, Designer Pierre Cardin dies at the age of 98. Pietro Costante Cardini was born in Italy, but grew up in France, where he began working in the world of fashion at the age of 14, being the creator of “pret-a-porter”. Cardin saw a niche market in the need for clothing for women who decided to go out to work and could not afford haute couture suits. He was Christian Dior’s first employee, but within a year he left home and created his own atelier. Pierre Cardin has been one of the most transgressive couturiers of his time, drawing a fashion full of color and innovative shapes with nods to a futuristic aesthetic. He was also the first to diversify his business, investing in a performance hall, El Espace Cardin, or in the first western restaurant in China, ‘Maxim’s’.

Also on December 29 but in 1981, Julio Iglesias Puga singer’s father Julio Iglesias, is kidnapped by the terrorist organization ETA in Madrid by two terrorists who posed as journalists. Doctor Puga, known as ‘Papuchi’, remained kidnapped for 19 days in a room measuring about nine square meters where there was a bed, three chairs and a bucket for him to relieve himself. On January 17, he was released by the GEO in Trasmoz, a small town in Zaragoza.

You want to know more? Discover the ephemeris of December 29 and see what happened, who was born and who died on a day like today. Do not miss, also, what is celebrated, today’s horoscope and saints.

What happened on December 29?

1926: The automatic telephone is inaugurated in Madrid.

1934: The Granada-born poet and playwright Federico García Lorca premieres ‘Yerma’ at the Teatro Español in Madrid. 1978: The Spanish Constitution enters into force.

1983: Princess Caroline of Monaco marries Italian billionaire Stefano Casiraghi for the second time.

2011: Inaki Urdangarinhusband of the Infanta Cristina of Spain, is accused in a separate piece of the Palma Arena case, to explain the collection of public funds.

2013: The German ex-driver Michael Schumacher, seven times Formula-1 world champion, suffers a ski accident at the Méribel resort, in the French Alps, and is left in a vegetative state.

2020: In Spain, Unicaja Banco and Liberbank approve the creation of the fifth largest bank in the country.

Who was born on December 29?

1876: Pau Casals, Spanish musician.

1924: Francisco Nieva, Spanish playwright, stage designer and theater director.

1938: Jonathan Vincent ‘Jon Voight’, American actor.

1950: Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Spanish poet.

1972: Jude Law, British actor.

1975: María Teresa Perales, Spanish Paralympic swimmer.

1989: Kei Nishikori, Japanese tennis player.

Who died on December 29?

1834: Thomas Robert Malthus, English economist.

1926: Rainer Maria Rilke, German writer born in the Czech Republic (then Austro-Hungarian Empire).

1986: Harold Macmillan, former British Prime Minister.

2017: Carmen Franco Polo, daughter of the dictator Francisco Franco.

2018: Ramón Bohigas, Spanish archaeologist and popularizer professor.

2019: Neil Innes, British comedian and musician.

What is celebrated on December 29?

Today, December 29, the International Day of Prisoners for Peace is celebrated.

Horoscope for December 29

Those born on December 29 belong to the Capricorn zodiac sign.

Santoral of December 29

Today, December 29, Saints David, Tomás Becket, Víctor and Segundo are celebrated

Today’s ephemeris December 29, 2022: What happened on December 29?