Tired of cleaning? This futuristic vacuum cleaner will be your savior

Vacuuming has become painful? Stop hurting yourself and go for a robot vacuum cleaner. It allows you to relieve yourself of a whole frustration and the cost will be quickly amortized. In addition, this new Roborock Q7 Max vacuum cleaner offers extreme value for money.

After the hegemony of stick vacuum cleaners, here is now the era of robot vacuum cleaners. The latter always go further, some models being able today to combine a vacuum cleaner and a mop. Thanks to a battery of laser sensors and precision tools, they are able to clean all floors and move from one to another without leaving a trace.

Expert in the field, Roborock and its robot vacuum cleaners are experiencing unprecedented success. The brand which is known for having very high-end devices is now attacking the general public. Its new Roborock Q7 Max, presented a few days ago, has everything to be a huge success in France. It becomes more accessible without neglecting its effectiveness.

To celebrate its launch, the AliExpress site displays an aggressive price on the two models available. The merchant benefits from an exclusivity for the release of these new generation robot vacuum cleaners. The classic model is sold at 350 euros instead of 499 euros with the code Q7FR20while the Roborock Q7 Max with an automatic dump station is at 520 euros instead of 649 euros with the code Q7FR35.

I take advantage of the offer

In terms of value for money, you can’t expect better than this offer. While some robot vacuums now cross $1,000 each, this version of the Roborock Q7 Max is affordable. This introductory offer via AliExpress only lasts until tomorrow 9:00 am. But beware, the number of these codes is very limited: they can therefore end at any time.

If you’re really tired of vacuuming on a regular basis or taking out the broom to mop the floor, the Roborock Q7 Max will change your life. We can only advise you to also go on the model with the emptying station. This allows the vacuum robot to empty itself regularly and last 2 months without human intervention. You will almost forget how to vacuum!

A revolution for your home

The circular vacuum cleaner brings you only advantages: it is autonomous and allows you to save time but above all it is very efficient. With a power of 4200 Pa, it is able to clean your floor with precision – like a human being (equipped with a good stick vacuum). For the mop part, a constant pressure of 300 grams ensures cleaning of tiled floors down to the smallest detail.

Among the dozens of robot vacuum cleaner models available on the market, power is probably one of the biggest weak points. With this Roborock Q7 Max you are sure that there will be no thin layer of dust. The pressure is effective and the vacuum goes right into the corners. A system of LiDAR laser sensors will make it possible to precisely map a room to circumvent obstacles and pass through every little corner.

I take advantage of the AliExpress offer

This vacuum cleaner can be controlled in several ways: manually using a button directly on the product, via an iOS or Android mobile application (it is connected via Wi-Fi) or even by voice. This Roborock Q7 Max is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With the Wi-Fi connection, you can start cleaning remotely, without being at home.

Under the hood of the Roborock Q7 Max, you find two bins. The first measures 470 mL and can store dust and dirt. A rubber brush allows you to suck up impurities from below. On the side, a “side brush” allows you to fold dirt under its brush and pick it up in the corners. For the mop part, it’s the same principle with a 350 mL water tank.

In the end, by combining these two spaces, you will be able to easily clean more than 500 m2 of floors without having to empty the two bins. If you want to touch this as little as possible, you can always opt for the automatic dump station. This, available in the Roborock Q7 Max+ formula, allows you to empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner to store it in a vertical bin.

Compared to regular use of a vacuum cleaner and mop, this allows you to last almost 2 months without having to empty one of the bins of your robot vacuum cleaner. This allows you to push the autonomous vacuum cleaner experience to the limit. With the discount applied by the AliExpress site, the Roborock Q7 Max with dump station is more interesting.

The Roborock Q7 Max has everything to succeed

The latest models of robot vacuum cleaners from Roborock converge towards 1,000 euros, including the dump station. To reach the general public, the brand released this new “Q” range to make them more affordable. However, she neglected almost nothing. In the end, the value for money of these new Roborock Q7 Max is really very pleasant.

Whether it’s the Roborock Q7 Max alone or the version with a dump station (called Q7 Max+), both models ensure real comfort on a daily basis. If you want to have maximum peace of mind, we advise you to go for the second version instead. There is no other robot vacuum with a dump station at only 500 euros.

In the price detail, the robot vacuum cleaner sold alone is at 350 euros instead of 499 euros with the code Q7FR20, in white or black. Please note that this code may expire at any time: there will still be an attractive discount. Then, the Q7 Max+ version with station drops to 520 euros instead of 649 euros with the code Q7FR35.

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I take advantage of the AliExpress offer

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Tired of cleaning? This futuristic vacuum cleaner will be your savior