This will be Gandia in 2070 according to Artificial Intelligence

Politics, society, gastronomy and even meteorology evolve but, above all, technology. According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) technology is the «Set of theories and techniques that allow the practical use of scientific knowledge». According to historians, technology arose approximately 2.5 million years ago, in the Paleolithic Period when primitive man began to collect natural resources to turn them into simple and useful tools for his day to day.

Since that time technology has been evolving at the speed of light. Humanity has gone from traveling in carts pulled by animals to traveling on paved roads with electric cars; from chopping with a stick and a stone to having mechanical tools that chisel the stones by themselves; and even writing newspapers by hand until now, that you are reading this news through your computer or your smartphone.

And just the latest technology mentioned, the computer or the smartphone, have made it possible to create thousands and thousands of tools that are within the reach of citizens to advance and help us, such as Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the combination of different algorithms whose main objective is to create machines that have the same capabilities as humans. Thus, at first glance, it may seem that the future will be made up of machines, but the truth is that this combination of algorithms has been created to help the human being, since it is highly productive in environments where automation and work in string.

But, like everything in life, Artificial Intelligence is also used to “have fun”. Many people are capable of creating articles, generating content ideas and even images through artificial intelligence since it is capable of offering answers that are quite close to reality quickly.

And that is what we have done at SOM GANDIA through the Artificial Intelligence program chat.openai and Midjourney to find out what the Gandia of the future will be like.

Gandia in 2070 according to the AI

Although when we ask chat.openai about what Gandia will be like in 2070, he answers that “it is difficult to imagine what a place will be like in the future, since many things can change and occur over time”, we have been able to know a little about the Gandia of the future through AI.

The evolution of a city depends on many factors such as changes in its population, economy, infrastructure and other aspects of life. The AI ​​chat, despite “not predicting the future” ensures that “it is possible that the city develops and becomes a more modern and connected place, with taller buildings and a greater variety of services and activities available to users.” residents and visitors.

At SOM GANDIA we have transferred these conclusions to the Midjourney program to create some images of the Gandia of the future:


Luckily, according to Artificial Intelligence, in 47 years Gandia will continue to enjoy a great beach of fine sand. What is the big change? According to the images created, large futuristic buildings are contemplated that can house anything from homes for neighbors and tourists, to meetings, leisure activities or companies on the beach.

In addition, continuing with the port area, the Grau de Gandia will also undergo a change. Large buildings will be built on the banks of the “barranc de Sant Nicolau”, making this a large futuristic area.

El Grau according to Midjourney


These images may be some of the closest to the reality of the future. After the latest regulations that require medium and large cities to create a pedestrian center -something that Gandia has begun to implement in the Historic Center for a few years-, it may be that Paseo Germanías and Plaza de las Escuelas Pías In the future they will look like this, with natural areas and almost completely pedestrian. Without a doubt, a place to enjoy the city.

Plaza Mayor according to Midjourney

And, speaking of the center, we could not leave the Plaza Mayor. These images, perhaps, are not so futuristic and are a little closer to the reality of Gandia in 2070: natural areas, a modern and renovated environment and space for citizens.


Without a doubt, the Gandia train station is one of the most recognized areas of the city. In addition to transporting hundreds of workers daily, it is the point of arrival for many tourists in the city. According to Artificial Intelligence, the train station in the capital of La Safor will undergo a major remodeling in the year 2070.

Gandia train station according to Midjourney

These have been the images created by Midjourney, the AI ​​program that recreates images based on textual descriptions, which we have collected from chat.openei. The city in 2070 may or may not like it, but it must be clear that, even if this is the future of the city according to the AI, as she herself says: “Any prediction is mere speculation.”

This will be Gandia in 2070 according to Artificial Intelligence