This is the Senmenti 0, a revolutionary e

The Austrian brand Horwin has launched a new electric scooter with spectacular features that also has a futuristic design and cutting-edge technology. This model marks the beginning of a new stage for the aforementioned manufacturer.

After 6 years of research and development Through a new path, Horwin has abandoned the structural design inherited from traditional fuel vehicles. Consequently, he also the traditional division design of the battery, motor and controller in the overall structural design of the vehicle.

The result is the beginning of a new stage that has been championed by two completely different models that are based on the concept of central technology through a integrated smart chassiscalled IM and developed by the manufacturer itself.

Horwin’s concept bike, the Senmenti X.

These two new models are SENMENTI 0 and SENMENTI X. While the latter is essentially a concept model, in the former Horwin has installed more than 30 sensors while using automotive-grade control technology. With this, he fulfills the goal of achieving high-speed computing, information analysis and decision making.

In the recently held EICMA show in Milan, Horwin has exhibited IM integrated intelligent chassis and self-balancing technology (two-wheel dynamic driving assistance technology). He has also presented the two new models of his, and we are going to tell you a little more about the Senmenti 0.

Horwin Senmenti 0

At first glance, the Senmenti 0 stands out for its exceptional futuristic design, but the truth is that this electric maxi scooter it has much more than a few striking lines to be considered a revolution.

For example, benefits. The Senmenti 0 is capable of reaching 200 km/h, but it can also accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and its rear motor prints a brutal torque of 600 Nm.

This could very well earn him the nickname of “The Tesla Model S Plaid of the scooters»since we are talking about unimaginable figures in a production model of this type.

Other equally striking features are those that refer to the battery, which has a capacity of 16.2 kWh to offer a range of up to 300 kilometers while maintaining a speed of approximately 88 km/h. In addition, the Senmenti 0 will have fast charging CCS Combo 2thus recovering the 80% battery in just 30 minutes.

technology galore

Unsurprisingly, such performance demands a fair amount of cutting-edge technology, and the Senmenti 0 doesn’t disappoint.

The Senmenti 0 has technology of all kinds.

We are talking about systems such as the driver assistance system, which incorporates 30 cameras, sensors and data processors. deep learning to keep the bike under control. Among other functions, this system provides real-time information on tire pressure, hill start assistance and descent control, automatic retention, millimeter wave radars and blind spot and collision warnings. This system also allows recordings to be made while stopped and running.

There are also other more common systems such as ignition by proximity, heating in the seat and grips, reverse gear, ABS brakes and adaptive suspension. What we still need to know about this marvel of two wheels is the price and the release date.

Photos: Horwin

This is the Senmenti 0, a revolutionary e-scooter with Tesla Model S Plaid features