This is the new MSC Cruises cruise ship: MSC World Europe

The sea has a new ship sailing through its waters. MSC World Europe is a proposal loaded with technology and great sustainable progressin addition to a large number of spaces dedicated to gastronomy, entertainment and relaxation. The new ship from the prestigious shipping company MSC is the first ship in the World Class category, announced at the beginning of 2016 and manufactured by the French shipyard Chantiers de l’Atlantique, in Saint-Nazaire.

Quality and design

This is the first of four ships of this class to be inaugurated and operating powered by the novel liquefied natural gas. It began to be built in 2019 and in December 2021 it was launched and floated to complement its first tests. It wasn’t until last October 24 that she was finally delivered. Now its first service is scheduled to take place during the month of December in an itinerary that includes from Doha to Dubai, with a duration of four nights.

As explained from the reference portal in the country in the reservation of cruises since 1994 SoloCruiseswhere reservations can also be made for the next trips scheduled with this ship, the MSC World Europe is a ship with a capacity of up to 6,850 people and a total of 2,760 cabins. This ship offers a wide variety of services and activities to do on board, such as the impressive futuristic 11-story slide The Venom Drop, the Promenade Interior promenade and shopping area or its majestic Zen Pool, in addition to the 13 restaurants that can be found on board (and of which 6 are specialties). The MSC World Europa is a ship with futuristic designwith a great variety of details that make it a the most modern ship in high sea. It is not only about the technology, the experts explain, but also about the experience for the users. For this reason, its design is designed to elevate the characteristics of a traditional cruise ship to completely new levels, taking into account the elegance of the interior of the floating resort, the futuristic Luna Park Arena, the Panorama Lounge or the iconic Kinetic Dome.

Sustainability and future

And, without a doubt, as expressed by specialists, one of the most outstanding characteristics of this new ship is its sustainability. This ship is powered by a cleaner fuel (it is powered by LNG), compared to its predecessors, it also uses a very ecological technology. MSC World Europe is a cruise thought for the future and to set new industry standards.

The fuel of this ship significantly reduces emissions and marks a milestone on the path to operations of zero emissions. In addition, its state-of-the-art design has technology for recycling wastewater and propellers that help reduce underwater noise, to respect marine fauna.

Fun and gastronomy

The new MSC Word Europa is a unique ship, designed to establish standards and for its technology to be replicated by other ships thanks to its futuristic innovations and its sustainability, the specialists highlight. But it is also a ship with some unique services and benefits, they emphasize. This boat features a unique Y-shaped stern leading to a promenade of up to 104 meters long and with stunning views of the ocean, shade. In addition, inside it is the longest slide in the history of cruise ships, made of steel and baptized by many as a true work of art. This slide has a height of 11 decks and its name is The Venom Drop. Besides, the Promenade Interior, the Luna Park Arena, the Panorama Lounge or the Kinetic Dome stand out.

As for the gastronomic experience, this ship has a total of 13 restaurants (six specialties) and several pubs where you can enjoy the best cocktails, indicate the specialists. In it you can find completely new concepts such as the first hydroponic garden in the sea baptized as Chef’s Garden Kitchen; La Pescadería, a Mediterranean restaurant specializing in fish; and exclusive restaurants such as American style. Hello! Tacos & Canteen It is inspired by the Latin American Street Food concept; but you will also find the Japanese restaurant Kaito Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar and the renowned buffets. On the other hand, the microbrewery and the Gin Bar stand out. The cruise also offers other experiences and services on board, such as the water park largest in the fleet, bumper cars, seven pools spread throughout the ship (one of them with a sunroof), surprise shows and spaces for the little onesas the award-winning MSC Kids Club with a wide variety of children’s clubs and personalized programs for each age group.

The cabins and suites of the MSC World Europe

Regarding the cabins, they clarify from the SoloCruceros agency, MSC World Europe has a total of 2,760 cabins that are distributed in 196 different cabin categories and of which seven present completely new designs for the shipping company.

They alternate the luxury of the Grand Golden Suitewith terrace included, or the Premium Golden Suite until the panorama Sea View Infinite Aurea, the Deluxe Balcony Stateroom and many other options for families, groups of friends, wedding guests and other guests who can alternate between these categories and the interior and exterior cabins, such as the Studio Interior or Deluxe Interior, among others. The shipping company works with highly variable prices depending on the suite chosen, as well as the services included in the ticket or those requested by the guest.

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This is the new MSC Cruises cruise ship: MSC World Europe