This is the latest Delta Futurista from Automobili Amos

There are numerous companies that are currently engaged in the restomods of mythical vehicles. With more or less success, and better or worse taste —an issue that always depends on the eye that looks at them—, companies like singer they renew automobiles of historical significance, and receive the respect of the community on many occasions petrolhead and even, support from the manufacturers of the original model. In this article we talk about the Lancia Delta HF Integrale what Automobili Amos versioned throughout these five years, called Futuristic Deltaafter the twentieth and last issue was finished a few days ago.

For now, the work carried out by the company directed by Eugenio Amos, owner of the Ferrari F40 in Green Abetone color that stars in this Christmas video, has been the subject of some criticism, which has come to describe him as a butcher for putting his hands on a car like the Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Much derisively, Automobili Amos’s response has been to launch branded merchandising products. Macelleria Award —award-winning butcher shop, in Italian—, and continues to develop projects related to the model, such as the next Delta Safari.

Admittedly, a slight raised eyebrow is somewhat inevitable at the thought that each of these twenty Futuristic Delta he needed a Lancia Delta HF Integrale with a 16-valve cylinder head as a donor. But, at the same time, it cannot be denied that the creation of carlo borromeodesign director of Automobili Amos, is downright attractive and, at least at first glance, seems to preserve the look of the original model.

An extensive list of modifications that aim to respect the legacy of the Lancia Delta HF Integrale

They themselves have declared that, despite the introduction of numerous modifications, they have never wanted their Delta Futurista to stop representing the characteristic lines of the Lancia Delta HF Integrale of the eighties. They introduce specific moldings in their bodywork and it stands out that the hood and part of the defense in the front part constitute a single piece. A solution called cofango in the language of the transalpine country — an acronym derived from the union of the Italian words for hood (cofano) and defense (parafango)—, which has been previously adopted by some models, such as the Lamborghini Huracan STO.

I chose the Delta because it’s the model that made me fall in love with cars initially. I had seven years old. My father owned a beautiful Lancia Delta HF Integrale painted in Giallo Ginestra. I don’t know why, but he made me feel very special. Those memories are made of smells, of the soft touch of Alcantara, of confused sounds”, explained Eugenio Amos at the presentation of this project.

At the front, the grille and the set of double headlights intentionally recall the Lancia Beta Monte Carlo. For its part, in the rear of this Futuristic Delta, which always has three doors, inspiration is taken from the Lancia Delta S4 Stradale for your gate. Most of these modifications on the outside are made from composite resins, mainly based on carbon fiber, to thus maintain a moderate weight of the whole, around 1,250 kilograms, more or less like the original.

Inside there are obvious changes, such as new instrumentation or a specific steering wheel with integrated controls. There’s carbon fiber, too—around the transmission tunnel, for example—and the seats, with sizable ears and petals for good lateral grip, are provided by Recaro. Also striking is the aluminum safety cage —the same material used in the new pedals—, which has been developed by Automobili Amos and whose installation responds not only to the objective of improving the level of vehicle safety, but also to increase the rigidity of its chassis and, with it, its behavior. In this sense, the suspensions on the front axle have also been redesigned, to try to eliminate the tendency to understeer that the original model suffers from.

On the other hand, this Futuristic Delta also receives mechanical modifications, which allow it to extract around 350 CV from its four-cylinder engine and 1,995 cc capacity, thanks to a new control unit for its electronic management. The declared maximum speed is 230 km/h and it retains a five-speed manual gearbox, although many elements of the transmission have been reinforced, or are completely new, such as the center differential.

The question I still have to answer is why, Eugenio? No one has asked for explanations so far. And it’s just that I don’t even understand it myself! In the end the numbers mean nothing in this context. Because I’m talking about passion and nostalgia and euphoria, and these feelings cannot be translated into numbers”, Eugenio Amos commented on the price of his Delta Futurista at its coming-out

Amos Automobili Delta Futuristic 20 4

Thus, the last of the Automobili Amos Delta Futuristas has already been delivered to a Swiss client, in exchange for 350,000 euros, like the other nineteen examples. In this case, it is painted in Cocktail White, and is decked out in classic Martini livery. And it is that all the Delta Futurista assembled by Automobili Amos received the customization desired by their buyers, and you can see the exterior finish of each of the 20 units that exist of the model below in the photo gallery.

Photo gallery

This is the latest Delta Futurista from Automobili Amos – RACER spirit