There are not only UFOs in Tampico: constructions in the “alien” style that have surprised Mexico

In Mexico the popular culture of belief in UFOs, What those that supposedly are sighted in Tampico, It has awakened a whole series of activities and inspirations that are reflected from gastronomy and tourism to futuristic-style architecture. On this occasion we present several constructions that seem built by another civilization.

We are not talking about extraterrestrial cities in which there is a legend about them, as is the case with “Amupac” -the UFO city on the coast of Miramar beach-, these are concrete works and real beams.

1) The Interlomas UFO

The Paseo Interlomas shopping center located in the State of Mexico, raised protests from the residents of the area by mentioning that it would break with the aesthetic sense of the area, and how not to do it if its exterior is made of ovoid-shaped metal that totally resembles to a UFO.

It was created in the years of 2010 and 2011 by the firm of architects of Michael Rojkind, it is located in the municipality of Naucalpan de Juárez.

2) The flying saucer of Atlixco

To one side of the road of the Metepec – San Baltazar Atlimeyaya highway, is the “Atlixco UFO” Made by Chilean sculptor Ricardo Vivar at the request of former municipal president José Luis Galeazzi, who was in charge from 1999 to 2001.

As additional information, this ship functioned as a tank to contain water at the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP).

3) The UFO of the Doctores neighborhood, in Saltillo

Sometimes things have a meaning for the artist and the observer gives him a totally different one, this is the case of the “dish of the Doctors” in Saltillo, where an orange was taken as a reference for the design, but to which people gave the extraterrestrial connotation.

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4) The legislative palace inspired by extraterrestrials, in Campeche

In Campeche during the 1960s, authorities at that time wanted to give it a new look to attract attention, since its quadrangular and three-dimensional shape easily earned jokes from the locals who could not give it another shape than that of a spacecraft.

5) The abandoned UFO of Ciudad Mante

With the story that engineer Jesús Gilberto Rivas Vidaña gray beings visited him from Venus to order the construction of this imposing and intriguing structure, there was no alternative but to call it what a UFO is, which they nicknamed Ryxetron.

The column is approximately 10 meters high, it is located in a desolate place and without any sign that explains the reason for its construction, only a couple of implanted magnets and some strange inscriptions.

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With the diverse amount of UFO buildings that can be found in our country, we could say as a joke that it should not surprise us that one of these days, unexpectedly, these constructions rise and return. And you, Do you believe in the presence of aliens and UFOs in Tampico and Mexico?

There are not only UFOs in Tampico: constructions in the “alien” style that have surprised Mexico