“The whole truth about the Sanremo Festival”: the short film by Colapesce Di Martino drives social media crazy

BOLOGNA – A system created by Artificial Intelligence capable of predict the winners of the Sanremo Festival until 2050 but also to take possession of the songwriters and replace them with piloted ‘robots’. The short film launched by the Sicilian singer-songwriters Colapesce and Dimartino is a dive into science fiction (as well as irony) when there are only a few days left for their participation in the Sanremo Festival 2023. The video, which is titled “The whole truth about the Sanremo Festival“, was launched on Youtube and on other social channels of the musical duo and is already a success: many fans, who enthusiastically comment on the 5-minute video, keep asking when the next episode will arrive. the ending actually foreshadows a second episode.

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The short has a very special feel, like suspended between conspiracy theory and science fiction, and is peppered with quotations and cinematic references. In the video Mahmood appears as a guest, who towards the end makes a video call to Dimartino to tell him to flee as soon as he can, since the Colapesce he is talking to is not the real Colapesce but a robot who has bad intentions.

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At the beginning of the short Dimartino arrives, at night, in a futuristic laboratory: a superimposed writing explains that it is the SUCAI (Sanremo Underground Corporation Artificial Intelligence) and Colapesce shortly after explains precisely that artificial intelligence has created a system (entitled ‘Jalisse9700‘) that “works on heuristic algorithms” and is capable of predict all participants of the Sanremo Festival until 2050. How will the Colapesce Dimartino duo fare this year? In fourteenth place. And the critics prize will go to Country Cousins.

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Dimartino then asks for information on 2024, where the duets of Iva Zanicchi with Salmo appear, the 883 with Luigi Di Maio, Fabio Concato feat. Coez, Elon Mask (written with an a) with FedezMaco Masini Alone, the Nuclear Tactical Penguins with Don Matteo, the Minghi Belli Rossi trio. In 2049, however, there will be Venditti and De Gregori (“But they can’t be there”, “Yes, they can, they will be 99 and 97”), Alexia and Alexa, %1-K_ (which “fills stadiums”), Vasco Rossi bot. And there will also be Colapesce Dimartino with the specific ‘Dimartino hologram’. “But what does it mean?”. “I didn’t want to tell you like that“, replies Colapesce, explaining that there have been some problems. Dimartino goes to the bathroom, where he receives the video call from Mahmood, and then the grand finale: Colapesce appears as an alien robot (with red eyes) heading towards Dimartino with the worst intentions. Then the episode stops on the frame of the real Colapesce, in a prisoner’s overalls and lying on a laboratory table connected to a machine.

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“The whole truth about the Sanremo Festival”: the short film by Colapesce Di Martino drives social media crazy