The TULIP, the “most BEAUTIFUL SKYSCRAPER in the WORLD”, does not blossom (Rendering)

London Tulip Credits: @_driplife IG

Set to revolutionize the London skyline. An incredible project: panoramic galleries, external and transparent vertical lifts, restaurants and bars, without any offices. The Foster + Partners studio has long hoped that the green light would turn on to make it happen. The stages of the story.

The TULIP, the “MOST BEAUTIFUL SKYSCRAPER in the WORLD”, does not blossom (Rendering)

# The futuristic skyscraper without offices: it would become the second tallest in London at 305.3 metres, after “The Shard” by Renzo Piano


The Tulip Tower, the skyscraper designed by architects Foster + Partners, was set to revolutionize the London skyline. Featuring a shape reminiscent of the tulip flower, it consisted of a 305.3-metre high-rise with no offices but numerous viewing galleries, with external parts, a restaurant and teaching places. It would become the second tallest building in the city after the 309 meters of The Shard built by Renzo Piano. It should have been built at 20 Bury Street, a very short distance from 30 St Mary Axe, another building designed by Foster + Partners. But something went wrong.

# Vertical transparent elevators and 360 degree city view

Among the images released by the British architectural firm stand out the transparent external elevators to move to the upper floors of the structure while enjoying the city panorama. The concrete viewing tower would be enveloped in a number of attractions, while inside, educational facilities, sky boxes, restaurants and cafes were planned. Here is the history of the whole story up to the final outcome.

# First approved by the City of London: has “the potential to become an architectural icon”…

Initially the project was approved by the City of London in 2019, according to which The Tulip had “the potential to become an architectural icon”. Some associations were against it because the new skyscraper would blocked the view of the Tower of London. To this would have been added the risk for the Tower itself of being discarded from the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

# …but rejected by the mayor and then by the government. With this motivation


It had originally been London Mayor Sadiq Khan to block the projectas “Not in accordance with the city development plan”and London City Airport had also raised concerns about the possibility that the particular structure of the skyscraper could have interfered with air traffic control.

The Foster + Partners team he had therefore decided to do appeal. Despite some changes to the project, the definitive rejection by the government. Based on reasons the measures that would be taken For drastically reduce her carbon emissions during its construction Not they would offset the unsustainable environmental aspects of the buildinga concrete tower with a lookout at the top.

For now the dream has vanished. Will it be repeated in the future?

Sources: YourLondon, Wired

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The TULIP, the “most BEAUTIFUL SKYSCRAPER in the WORLD”, does not blossom (Rendering) – Milan City State