The theater returns to the Spazio Yak and doubles: the “Leviathan” season opens


VARESE – «A new theater season is starting at Spazio Yak: said like this, it doesn’t seem like anything special», these were the words of the artistic director yesterday, Thursday 1st December Stephen Beghi at the presentation of the shows. “We can now say: the theatrical appointments at the Bustecche are a fixed point in the cultural schedules of the city of Varesesomething that can be taken for granted. Yet it is precisely this “habit” that is special. Yes, because when it all started, in 2017, no one would have ever thought that we would have come this far, with the enthusiasm of the beginning but with that awareness that only experience can give you».

The agreement with the Municipality has been renewed until 2027

«It is with this new season that Spazio Yak enters its own second five-year period of activity», recalled Beghi. «Karakorum Theateron its tenth job, has recently signed the agreement with the Municipality of Varese, renewing its management of the space until 2027: it is precisely this renewed trust and collaboration with the city which gave us the strength to take a step forward, again”.
From January, theatrical appointments will double: each show will be staged for two evenings, Friday and Saturday, to reach more and more audiences and expand the community of enthusiasts and onlookers who, every two weeks, crowd the audience of what, «to all intents and purposes, is the only city ​​art theatre.

A programming based on news and current events

«What is about to begin is perhaps the most exciting season we have ever proposed, born to respond to the shared the need to be able to orient oneself in a contemporary world that is increasingly difficult to read». The environmental emergency, the energy crisis, and then the war in Ukraine, the news, continue to confront us with meaningful questions about good and evil, about truth, about the ethics of communication.
«It is to try to reflect together on all this that we have chosen to focus this year’s programming on news and current events: from America in the 1990stold by “Leviathan” on December 17, up to the most tragic event of our housethat of the Beasts of Satan, recounted in “Little More than a Personal Fact” on March 30 and April 1. A journey through small and large facts, public and privateon a scale that goes from the local to the universal, to try to face the wounds of a world that drags our certainties with it towards something new».

Stories and companies from all over Italy

At Spazio Yak it will be possible to see stories and companies from all over Italy: «After the December preview with the friends of Carmentalia from Romei Kepler 452 from Bologna they tell us theirs investigation of new monsters (starting from the controversial issue of the dead in the Mediterranean). And then the Sicilians Maniacs of Love and their “Phenomenology of a gossip”And 4704 from Udine with their futuristic “17 selfies from the end of the world” to tell the story of climate change. From Macerata, Theater Highways they will bring us their charming “Pets” on the terrible events of violence of February 3, 2018 that saw their city as the protagonist. And then, a great comeback, that of the Eco Background which together with Caterpillar they take us “I’m just in the next room”a dive into the world of adolescence and into the increasingly current conflict between virtuality and materiality, truth and fiction.
It will be us instead of Karakorum Theater – The Chianti Brotherhood to close this season with our new production “Little more than a personal matter”presented last summer at Between Sacro And Sacro Monte, and now ready to leave for a long tour which will begin at the Teatro Della Cooperativa in Milan (conducted by Renato Sarti) next May. Will the future that awaits us be better or worse? It is impossible to give an answer, but it is certainly essential to ask the question. Ultimately, this is it the role of the theatre: asking questions, constructing imaginaries, trying not to remain indifferent, helping us not to be alone».

Laforgia: «Engine of cultural and social promotion»

As underlined by the Councilor for Culture Enzo Laforgia, «with the presentation of the new theater season, Karakorum Theater with Spazio Yak reconfirms itself as an engine of cultural and social promotion in the neighborhood in which it operates and in the city of Varese, for demonstrated networking skills and for attention to the needs of the territory. Theirs is a project that we support with conviction, because we want the cultural realities of the city to be active protagonists, capable of trigger generative processes of change and positive and proactive impacts on the territory. As it proves the renewed Piazza De Salvor, networking can bring concrete and tangible results for citizens’ lives, transform space, create links and strengthen the sense of community».

“Public” satisfied for the new season of Teatro Periferico

“As far as it pertains Peripheral Theaterthe season has started very well,” said its artistic director Darius Villa. “The first of ours “Encounters with the artist”the one with Danio Manfrediniand the shows already staged “Job”with Roberto AnglisaniAnd “Once upon a time… the asylum“, from Chille de la Balanza, recorded the lively satisfaction of the public. «Or should we say “of the public”, in the plural, because the works were interesting the Municipal Theater of Cassano Valcuvito, but also the Maccagno Auditorium».
Indeed, one of the novelties of this year concerns the spread of the season over a wider territory: «From Maccagno to Gaviratepassing through Luino, Germignaga, Masciago Primo and Castello Cabiaglio. To facilitate connections we have created a Teatribus, the theater omnibus: a shuttle service fun, useful and environmentally sustainable. Young people, adults and families: everyone is invited to try this experience». Another novelty is the mysterious figure of a traveller: «We asked a a special spectator to cross our latitudes and give us a detailed account of his corsair journeys around the theaters of the area, in the form of a review, a story, a logbook: you can find the first three on our Facebook page. See you at the theater.” Scheduled appointments are listed below, the entrance fee is 12 euros (reduced 8 euros):

17 December, Spazio Yak, 9.00 pm
“Leviathan”, by Riccardo Tabilio, created by Compagnia Carmentalia and La Confraternita del Chianti

20 and 21 January, Spazio Yak, 9.00 pm
“The Others – Investigation of Brand New Monsters,” by Kepler-452

3 and 4 February, Spazio Yak, 9.00 pm
“Phenomenology of a gossip – Siede la terra”, by and with Francesco d’Amore and Luciana Maniaci

17 and 18 February, Spazio Yak, 9.00 pm
“Pets”, a production of Teatri della Plebe/Utovie Festival in collaboration with Amat/Proxima Res/Armunia Festival-Artistic residences

3 and 4 March, Spazio Yak, 9.00 pm
“17 selfies at the end of the world”, dramaturgy and sound design by Riccardo Tabilio, project promoted by 4704 in collaboration with Mittelfest

17 and 18 March, Spazio Yak, 9.00 pm
“I’m alone in the next room”, directed by Giacomo Ferraù, dramaturgy by Tobia Rossi, an Eco di Fondo / Caterpillar co-production

31 March and 1 April, Spazio Yak, 9.00 pm
“Little more than a personal matter”, by Chiara Boscaro and Marco Di Stefano, directed by Stefano Beghi, project by Karakorum Teatro and La Confraternita del Chianti

30 April, piazza Monte Grappa, 11.00-15.00-17.00
“Fists and bicycles redux”, by Stefano Beghi, with Riccardo Trovato

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The theater returns to the Spazio Yak and doubles: the “Leviathan” season opens – MALPENSA24