The SUMMIT & EXPO 2022 reached a record number of attendees. Together we did it again!

A new record is set in the history of THE LOGISTICS WORLD® | SUMMIT & EXPO this 2022 because not only do we celebrate our 15th anniversary amid hype and saucer, but also we managed to bring together 19 thousand 496 professionals from the logistics and supply chain industry.

Together we made it and we want to thank you!

The venue was ready, the auditoriums prepared, the stands set up and the carpets vacuumed. Our team waiting, registrations closed and the anniversary celebration about to start.

This is how we start two days full of inspiration, to meet with our colleagues to build community, to bump fists and close deals, to share best practices and recognize trends and innovation, and a lot of professional networking.

And thanks to our wonderful logistics community, we once again established ourselves as the most important logistics, cargo and foreign trade event in Latin America.

You missed out? Join us to relive the experience of this business meeting, unique in its kind, with the summary chronicle below.

This is how the Summit & Expo 2022 was experienced

The logistics expo opened its doors on August 17 and 18 at the Citibanamex Center for executives, presidents, CEOs, managers and executives from the industry.

The inauguration of the event was in charge of important personalities and managers of the sector, among them:

  • Lluis Fuster Farre, Director of Mecalux Mexico and Central America
  • Jorge Bayona Iregui, Global Commercial Director of Solistica
  • Alex Theissen Long, President of the National Association of Private Transport (ANTP)
  • Leonardo Gómez Vargas, Executive President of the National Association of Private Transport (ANTP)
  • Hugo Ruiz, President of GS1 Mexico
  • José Gerardo Tajonar Castro, National President of the National Association of Importers and Exporters of the Mexican Republic (ANIERM)

Three directors of our company completed the list of guests for the ribbon cutting.

Lessons from the International Summit

At 9:00 a.m., the first of the three pillars that make up our great event began: the International Summit, the highest-level logistics and supply chain training forum in Latin America.

John Manners-Bellopinion leader and founder of the Foundation for Future Supply Chain, was in charge of giving the opening keynote on the first day of the event, who invited us to reflect:

The globalized model is dead, but it is experiencing significant wear. It is time to change”, assured the expert before the Golden Passes that attended the start of the International Summit.

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The second day of the Summit opened with a conference by Mark Millar, international authority on the supply chain. Visiting us from China, this expert recounted the digital technologies that are impacting transport, production, storage and logistics business models.

This scenario, he warned, creates both threats to which we are exposed and opportunities that can transform our businesses and even become a source of competitive advantage.

omera khanDirector of the Master’s in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Royal Holloway University of London, spoke to us about building resilient supply chains.

Thus, he advised relying on industry 4.0, information and designing an articulated mechanism to grow and address urgent issues at a global level, such as sustainability.

The Summit was also adorned with the presence of important companies that are setting standards in the industry.

three directors of nature They helped us prove that if the commercial, operations and sustainability areas collaborate instead of working in silos, end-to-end profitability and business sustainability are possible.

Joe Nortman, Senior Vice President of Fulfillment Services at Free marketthe most visited marketplace in Mexico and an iconic unicorn company in the industry, inspired us with the secrets behind their shipping strategy.

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On the other hand, Gerardo Vargas, Vice President Deliver Latin America of Johnson & Johnsonshared the six drivers that drive this supply chain, which have made it stand out with the fourth position in Gartner’s Top 25 Supply Chain 2022.

The international congress was also attended by unicorn companies JOKR Y NotCo. Four of its directors shared that despite having this status and being worth more than a billion dollars, these organizations are not immune to macroeconomics.

We also experienced consequences after the Covid, the high inflation and the increase in the price of raw materials. To cope, we have developed a strategy to operate as a SME and be very close to customers and suppliers”, said Mónica Rodríguez, Director of Finance and Operations of the Chilean NotCo.

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Finally, Stanislaus Bachrach, Doctor in Molecular Biology and specialist in Leadership, Innovation and Change; Y Brenda CohenOntological Coach and 5Rhythms Teacher, made our Golden Passes dance and made them live a sensory experience during their conference.

The biologist explained how the logistics of the body works and explained how our feelings are essential for the creation of leadership and the correct management of work teams. Cohen, for his part, made us understand why we must pay attention to the signals that our body sends and how releasing emotions will allow us to unblock and reprogram the mind in our favor.

The future of logistics and the supply chain

The keynote speech at the Summit & Expo, given by Richard van Hooijdonkserved to question logistics directors and executives about their role in global supply chains.


The futurist and analyst of technological trends pointed out that the current problem in supply chains is that they are structures that are not designed to change.

Unfortunately, we are part of a generation that was not taught to be disruptive. They told us that we had to do everything the same to be successful, ”she sentenced.

For Van Hooijdonk this resistance to change is closely related to the ways in which factories operate, where repetitive work is carried out all the time. But he warned that, in the near future, those production centers will change to make way for robots that replace people.

In addition, he reviewed those technological innovations that are gaining ground among an increasingly changing consumer.

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First level supplier at the logistics expo

Our Expo Floor, the second pillar of the great logistics, cargo and foreign trade event, brought together more than 350 suppliers of these industries in 27 thousand square meters.


The exhibiting companies presented a wide range of verticals such as:

  • Logistic operations.
  • Infrastructure and equipment for distribution centers.
  • logistics technologies (software and hardware).
  • Shipowners.
  • Utility trucks.
  • Transportation.
  • Real estate developers.

Since foreign trade activity has gained unprecedented relevance for the industry, this year the floor had a new area dedicated to this sector. Specialized exhibitors met here to meet the needs of freight forwarders and customs, as well as importers and exporters.

As part of this novelty, the National Association of Importers and Exporters of the Mexican Republic (ANIERM) made his National Congress 2022, “Foreign trade solutions in the logistics chains of Mexico and the world”.

This meeting was the setting for import and export experts from the country to share ideas to deal with the current container crisis and port congestion in various parts of the world.

The Congress brought together four forums in which the modernization of port terminals was proposed, mainly, to strengthen nearshoring in Mexico. In addition, it offered free advice tables to support professionals in the sector.


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Logistics Talks, free and high-level training spaces

Like every year, the TLW | Summit & Expo had four free training auditoriums, called Logistics Talks. This year’s program added more than 35 conferences in four axes:

  1. Warehouses and inventories.
  2. Logistics, distribution and transportation.
  3. Technology and innovation.
  4. Strategic planning.

Within these auditoriums, we have one specialized in transport and distributionin alliance with the National Association of Private Transport (ANTP).

One of the greatest interests for industry executives is the automation of distribution centersand our Talks program this year reflected this priority, with a large number of talks related to this topic.

Regarding the evolution of the warehouses 4.0and the discussion of when and how to opt for these technologies, the speakers agreed on the need to jump on the trend in order to streamline procedures and save operating costs.

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Another topic of great interest among those attending the Logistics Talks was the evolution of e-commerce in Mexicomainly due to factors such as:

  • Increase in shipping costs by parcel
  • SKU Proliferation
  • Fewer Piece Assortment Schemes
  • Money losses due to increased number of transactions
  • Flexible supply chains

15 years together, and thanks to you we are stronger

Throughout these 15 years, the Summit & Expo has witnessed the transformation of our sector.

We have also accompanied consolidation of big brands and the birth of new players that are breaking into the market.

But, above all, we have verified that, despite the macroeconomic shocks and the difficultiesprofessionals in our industry adapt to keep the world moving.

We are excited about what we will see in the future and what we will build together in the years to come. Thank you for joining us in this time, for believing in our platforms to be inspired and for creating this community to strengthen our industry.

We will meet again in 2023, on April 26 and 27to once again experience the most important logistics, cargo and foreign trade event in Latin America: THE LOGISTICS WORLD® | SUMMIT&EXPO.

*With information from Carlos Juarez.


The SUMMIT & EXPO 2022 reached a record number of attendees. Together we did it again!