The places to visit in Tallinn, the city with a fairytale charm

Thanks to the suggestive mix of ancient and modern, Tallinn it is now considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, almost opposite Helsinki, it guards among the medieval walls of the Old City most of the places to visit in the capital ofEstoniabut it also knows how to show itself surprisingly modern, as testified by the neighborhoods of Kalamaja And Kadriorg.

Tallinn, the places to visit

The Old Town of Tallinn, on two levels, is considered a real one medieval jewel and was declared in 1997 World Heritage Site fromUnesco. The fairytale charm of the Old Town consists of its cobbled streets, ancient buildings and sunny squares, spiers, stairways and hidden courtyards.

The old Town

Among its most important places to visit in Tallinn stand out the piazza della Libertà with the neo-Gothic Lutheran Church of San Giovanni and the Town Hall squaresurrounded by pastel-colored buildings built between the 15th and 17th centuries and overlooked by the city ​​Hall in Baltic Gothic style (the only one still existing in Northern Europe), equipped with an elegant tower 64 meters high on top of which there is a weather vane from which the Old Thomas stands guard, symbol and guardian of the Estonian capital. Another destination not to be missed is the Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedralwhich with its onion domes dominates the ancient hill of Toompea.

Walls and Museums

After a look at Walls of the Lower Town, whose best-preserved section connects nine of the 26 remaining towers, among the 45 existing in the past, why not make a stop in one of the many museums in the city? Among others, the main office of the civic Museumwhich outlines the development of the city since its foundation, or the Estonian History Museum located in the fifteenth century Grand Guild Palace, which offers information and insights into the Estonian mentality through interactive exhibits. Also interesting is the Occupations Museumwhich through photographs and documents accompanies the visitor to discover the troubled events of five decades of occupation, first briefly with the Nazis and then with the Soviets.

The neighborhoods not to be missed

Tallinn exhibition other faces, in addition to the best known of the historic center. For example, northwest of the Old Town, the neighborhood of Kalamajaonce infamous, has now become one of the most interesting in Tallinn, with colorful wooden houses, clubs and non-touristy shops open in abandoned warehouses and the Museum of the Sea, built in a former seaplane hangar. Also worth mentioning is the residential area of Kadriorgeast of the Old Town, which houses the art Museum Kumuinaugurated in 2006, and the park most loved by the inhabitants of Tallinn, built together with the Kadriorg Palace by Tsar Peter the Great for his wife Catherine.

Tallinnin short, once one of the most important ports of the Hanseatic League, it will appeal to both those who want to immerse themselves in fairytale charm of the past, both to those in search of more modern places and stimulants.

The places to visit in Tallinn, the city with a fairytale charm – inNatural