The new Ferrari that shakes the world and cannot be touched

This is the Ferrari created for lovers of speed, and represents one of the fastest models of the modern era from the house of Maranello. It will not be able to be touched and driven in real life, but it will be available to all users from December 23 of this year. This hypercar created by the firm founded by Don Enzo has confessed that his invention is influenced by the most emblematic resistance races.

Ferrari shakes up the world of speed with the announcement that it will manufacture a new hypercar, but that it will be aimed at lovers of the brand of Prancing Horse. Everything indicates that it has been chosen to close the celebrations for its 75 years in commemoration of the first 125 S model, the first competition model to leave the Maranello factory in 1947.

According to the official website of the Italian automotive firm, this model responds to a particularity: it will be virtual, it will not have a physical version and it can only be enjoyed by lovers of console games. It will be available to all users from December 23 of this year. However, whoever wins a special campaign contest may have it as a prize from December 15.

Through an official statement, the brand has revealed that this creation is “the result of collaboration between Ferrari and the Gran Turismo video game series. His name is “the spectacular Vision Gran Turismo It is a futuristic single-seater equipped with a more extreme version of the V6 engine adopted in the 296 GTB, the 296 GTS and the 296 GT3 and which also powers the new hypercar Ferrari 499P which will be seen at Le Mans next year”.

Even the legendary firm created by Don Enzo has confessed that his invention owes a lot to factors derived from the world of competition. “Le Mans and endurance races of the past have had a great influence on the design of the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismosince the legendary prototypes of the Prancing Horse they outright won the famous race nine times between 1949 and 1965.

How is the new Ferrari exclusive to Playstation

Regarding the cabin of this Ferrari, “the focus has been on the driver”. This means the following: “While high-tech transparent materials echo the transparent outer cover of the engine and expose the more complex structure of the flywheel components”.

It’s about a Ferrari capable of producing a power that no real street copy has come to have. “The Vision Gran Turismo It is designed to be incredibly aerodynamic, with the rear spoiler, diffuser and wheel arch vents carefully designed to provide the highest possible vertical load. Also, combines a 3-litre V6 hybrid engine with three electric motors to deliver a whopping 1,356bhp“Synthesizes the company. Can you bear the anxiety to drive it?

The new Ferrari that shakes the world and cannot be touched