The familiar Hyundai that has nothing to envy to a Supercar…

Discovering the familiar Hyundai that is about to land in Italy. It is a car with a super innovative and futuristic design…

A familiar Hyundai is about to create a panic in the automotive market Italianand the merit is all of his wonderful design… And who said that the old and (inexpensive) ones spacious people carriers must necessarily be ugly and ill-considered. Treated as sorts of “racchi” of theautomotivethese details car have been literally shunned by thousands and thousands of motoriststhe same ones who maybe only ten years ago were crazy about the qualities of segment: comfort, speciousness and reliability.

In fact, what at the beginning of the 2000s until the following decade seemed to be a category of vehicles from the golden future; it quickly turned into the ugly duckling of the automotive industry. Accomplice of this degradation above all the arrival of new types of cars, SUVs above all, who have done nothing but “dope” the market, pass us the term perhaps too harsh.

And SUVs had, and still have today, one more quality than minivans. These are beautiful, beautiful and in some respects perfect (if you love a particular reality of motoring). But apparently from afar Korea looks like it’s coming innovative model who intends to (re)change the papers in order. This is the new Hyundai station wagon, a car which has nothing to envy to one supercars

A new family car from Hyundai destined to win the hearts of motorists…


It’s called Hyundai Staria therefore the protagonist a four wheels of this article, let’s drop the masks; Staria, certainly a name that will say little to many of you readers, not to mention all. In fact, the model in question was presented last March almost on the sly, and has never (at least until now) touched Italian soil. After all, we are talking about a new step for the Korean superpower which has decided to implement its motoring vision also in a new segment, choosing among all the so-called minivans.

The goal of the Asian house, in fact, has always been to combine a functional car construction all practicality and reliability without paying too much attention to aesthetics. But recently, even this concept so dear to the brand has been totally revolutionized. The design thus became an integral part of the Hyundai vision; and Staria, like many other latest generation models, is effective proof of this.

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And so Hyundai has announced the debut (also) in Italy of the new Staria, the van innovative in the design and management of the interior spaces. The in question multispace in fact, it features unprecedented stylistic details and was developed according to the so-called “inside-out” approach, which starts from the interior to maximize functionality and habitability.

The presence of flexible seats, with great sliding capacity, combined with the very high levels of safety supplied, make the model a vehicle suitable for both work and family needs. But now the time has come to dive into the actual discovery of the new Hyundai family. Because nothing about Staria should be a mystery to us anymore…

A unique design for a car never seen before!


As we have already widely said, and made clear, what is most striking about this car is undoubtedly its innovative design. We are talking about something never seen before, and not only in the field of vans… Starting from the front, we find an area embellished by the luminous signature that unites the daytime running lights in a single horizontal line of light that runs along the entire width of the vehicle, and to which the large radiator grille with a unique motif is added. Furthermore, always remaining on the outside, the design is made even more exclusive by the copper-effect satin treatment of details such as the logo, the grille, the mirrors and the rims.

The rear view, on the other hand, is characterized by a large window framed by elongated vertical taillights and embellished by the stylistic hallmark of the Parametric Pixels; while the bumper is lowered here to facilitate loading and unloading of the boot.

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In the interiors, the luxurious ambition of the model is noticeable, an ambition which here becomes an effective reality. The front seats are designed to feel spacious and comfortable; The driver’s station has a high-tech, futuristic look with an advanced 10.25-inch front display, touch-enabled center fascia and push-button shift-by-wire shifting (automatic only). The main objective here is to create a unique atmosphere that focuses on the comfort of the driver and passengers, while also maintaining the highest level of functionality.

“Staria – says SangYup Lee Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Motor’s Global Design Center – not only reinterprets the space, but also imagines the time spent on board differently. Designing mobility solutions is not just about vehicle design. It is also about designing models that adapt to different lifestyles. The interior space and functionality of Staria aim to transform the way people experience car journeys, optimizing experiences and making the most of time spent on the move.”

In terms of engines, however, this model is offered with a 2.2-liter VGT diesel engine with 177 HP and 430Nm.

The familiar Hyundai that has nothing to envy to a Supercar…