The dystopian RPG Mato Anomalies will be released in the 1st quarter of 2023 on all media including Nintendo Switch, a physical edition planned

Mato Anomalies is a RPG developed by Arrowiz Chinese and edited by PrimeMatter in which players take control of the detective doe and mysterious exorcist Gram in order to uncover the dark secrets behind Mato’s invasion (a neo-futuristic version of old Shanghai) by supernatural creatures. Mato is a sprawling metropolis that combines traditional and futuristic architecture in a post-apocalyptic world. The investigation is really only part of the story. Indeed, fierce battles and fights will take place in dungeons announced as difficult where players will have to learn how to maximize all the advantages of combat mechanics. The game will be released at once in downloadable edition and in physical edition for an advertised price of $39. The game will feature voiceover in English and Japaneseas well as options for subtitles in English, FrenchItalian, German, Spanish and Japanese for an announced playing time ofat least 40 hours.

Mato Anomalies, an ambitious RPG developed over two years by 50 people

We can’t wait to share the game we’ve been working on for over two years now. Our creative team imagined a deep story as well as a unique universe, that of Mato Anomalies, whose passion gave life to the design. More than 50 talented people are involved in this project, not including external partners. We are encouraged by our partner Prime Matter who believes in our studio and our global vision “, explains Horace Xiong, CEO of Arrowiz.

We are thrilled to partner with Arrowiz for this release. Mato Anomalies fits perfectly into our extensive portfolio of quality games. Given the great ambition of the studio, this partnership is a perfect fit for Prime Matter and we look forward to supporting the team with our local and global expertise in publishing and marketing. says Mario Gerhold, Global Brand & Marketing Director.

Mato, a seemingly normal town but…

Mato is not a normal city, but she pretends to be. Who could have imagined such evil hidden beneath the surface? These difficult situations bring together unlikely people. Just like our protagonists, the young private detective Doe and the mysterious exorcist Gram. Using their respective skills, they will go on an adventure with the aim of unraveling the mystery of Mato and defeating the evil force that is trying to bring about his downfall. Will justice prevail? Or will our heroes fall victim to corruption? It will be up to you to write the story!

  • Abnormalities – Find clues all over Mato by chatting with NPCsin completing missions and visiting stores for identify Rifts, portals to demonic creatures who attack the city. Enter at your own risk and defeat them then collect bountiful rewards.
  • Dual Worlds – Drive through Mato, a neo-futuristic version of old Shanghai. Beneath its surface lies another world. Discover rifts that act as portals to a place beyond space and time, filled with powerful enemies.
  • Corrupt – Insidious factions are somehow involved in the dark fate that befalls Mato. Can our heroes find out what’s going on? Or will they themselves be victims of desperation and corruption?
  • Band of Misfits – The enemy of your enemy is your friend. Difficult circumstances create unlikely friendshipss. Find new allies during your investigations and gain their trust through conversation and shared experiences.
  • Smart Combat – Mato Anomalies offers a unique combat experience highlighted by a shared health among all team members, an equipment matrix and a dual talent system. A unique combat strategy will be required if you want to succeed!

The game is expected for the first quarter of 2022 on Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

The dystopian RPG Mato Anomalies will be released in the 1st quarter of 2023 on all media including Nintendo Switch, a physical edition planned – Nintendo-Difference