“The Crown” season 5, “The Girl with the Heart of a Pig”, “Mood”… What are the series of the week worth?

The long-awaited return of the Windsors to the turmoil of the 1990s, a burlesque road movie set against a backdrop of animal combat, the successful adaptation of his one-on-stage performance by a young English author. We tell you everything about these new releases, to watch on TV or on the platforms.

On the platforms

s “The Crown”, season 5 (Netflix)

Is there anyone to save the queen? This question, evocative of a parody movie title with Leslie Nielsen, the spectators of The Crown will ask it more than once during this fifth season with an entirely renewed cast, so much Elizabeth II, now interpreted by Imelda Staunton, appears there tested. In 1991, when the first episode begins, a new era opens for the world after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the USSR, but for the sovereign, it is a more intimate and no less tragic shift that takes place: it ages. A true-false archive (with Claire Foy, who embodied the young queen, in black and white!) and a slight weight gain noted during a routine medical examination immediately underline this… Read more

q “The Girl with the Heart of a Pig” (France.tv Slash)

Who does Nina’s heart beat for? History will teach us. What will be revealed from the outset is How? ‘Or’ What Nina’s heart beats. Thanks to a pig valve that was grafted into him in childhood. We remember the very rebellious Truisms by Marie Darrieussecq, who recounted the transformation of a young woman into a sow. Here, hybridization is posed from the start and embodies, in the flesh of the heroine, our closeness to the animal world. When Nina (Héloïse Volle) learns this truth that had been hidden from her, disclosure becomes the driving force behind the commitment and the young girl charts the course to save a sow from slaughter. With her, Hugo (Victor Bonnel, whom we have just seen in The world of tomorrow), high school classmate whose own heart beats hard for Nina… Read more

p “Bel Air” (Disney+)

In March 2019, Morgan Cooper, a young videographer from Kansas City, posted on YouTube fake trailer Bel Air, dark and realistic version of Prince of Bel Air. More than seven million views – including an enthusiastic Will Smith – later, this amateur exercise becomes a TV series for good. Bel Air, whose first season is available on Salto this Friday, November 11, takes up the original idea of ​​the sitcom broadcast in the early 1990s, its characters, its setting, before going through a dramatic mill… Read more

q “Mythic Quest,” Season 3 (Apple TV+)

They now work in their own video game company… Or rather, should work there, if they weren’t too busy managing cascading existential crises and arguing. Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) and Ian (Rob McElhenney) have left Mythic Quest Studios, where they racked their brains in the face of a bug, a computer attack or a new weapon to be coded in the game of the same name. The two developers are now flying on their own. Except that they no longer have a game or a team. In a huge open space that looks like a futuristic vessel, design and ” so healthy »Ian and Poppy are on their own… Read more

p “Dangerous Liaisons”, season 1 (Lionsgate +)

Located in pre-revolutionary Paris, The Dangerous Liaisons by Harriet Warner (screenwriter on Call the Midwife), examine the origins of the two main characters. Of Cécile de Volanges there will therefore be no question. Neither of “marquise” and not even Merteuil yet. Because the latter is still Camille, a refugee in a brothel where she met Pascal (Valmont). The young man, a petty crook and libertine gigolo at times, swears he wants to marry her even though he has no job to offer her. No matter, the two seductive rogues are ready to do anything to find a place for themselves in the aristocratic society of the 18th century.e century… Read more

p “Mama”, miniseries (Arte.tv)

The Ukraine of 2015, in the middle of the Donbass war. The young soldier Vitaly is taken prisoner by the pro-Russian forces. Mad with worry, his mother Nina seeks to have him released. But the authorities ask him to wait for a hypothetical exchange of prisoners. Nina then decides to go there herself to try to negotiate with her son’s jailers.
Produced before the Russian invasion of February 2022, this Ukrainian miniseries plunges its heroine into the heart of the conflict which was already tearing the country apart seven years earlier. Anchored in a certain realism, the four episodes find a painful echo in recent news. Too bad that on the bottom, the series hardly shines by its originality: between caricatural characters and adventures already seen, this odyssey of a courageous mother leaves on its hunger. PA

On TV channels

r “Mood”, miniseries (Canal+ Series)

Sasha Clayton, 25, strongly believes in it. One day she will be a singer. The new Alicia Keys, that’s her. She dreams of dancing in front of the cameras, queen of the charts, far from her London suburbs. In the meantime, she squats with her mother and her stepfather, devastated by a recent breakup, carried away by an indefinable anger. When she finds herself on the street after yet another argument, she becomes Carly’s protege, a boosted influencer, ready to do anything to seduce more followers. This time, for sure, Sasha’s luck has changed. Thanks to social networks, his career will take off… Read more

q “The Forgotten”, miniseries (Polar+)

Feet in the mud and face smeared with blood, a young girl wanders, haggard, on the edge of a wood, looking for a boot which she soon finds in a puddle – this is the sequence inaugural of the series. The following scene shows a group of very dissipated and provocative high school students, educated in what looks like a last chance school. One of them, of Ethiopian origin, and not the most aggressive, quickly appears to be the ideal suspect in the eyes of the police. But do these young people at odds have anything to do with what happened to the teenager? Read more

q “Trigger Point”, season 1 (Canal+)

“Why did I choose a job where you are always on your knees? », asks one of the characters. In reality, the question is rather: why did you choose a job where you could die at any time in an explosion because you didn’t disconnect the right wire? Such is the daily life of Joel, Lana and their fellow deminers within the London police. And the British series goes straight to the point: we start in their car, which rushes screaming siren towards a building to be secured. The first episode is impressive and the tension never drops. We run relentlessly from one bomb to another, telling ourselves that, really, we did well not to have chosen this profession… Read more

p “Spirit of Winter”, miniseries (Arte)

In a chalet under the snow, Nathalie, a famous writer who has not written for too long, tries to prepare a Christmas dinner while her teenage daughter, Alice, circles around her like a wild cat, ready to kick of claws… Why this tension between mother and daughter? What happened in Romania fifteen years earlier? When it becomes clear that the storm has blocked all the roads and that no one will come on New Year’s Eve, it turns into a face-to-face, and the past intrudes into the present… Read more

r “Mare of Easttown”, season 1 (OCS City, replay)

In Easttown, Pennsylvania, everyone knows Mare Sheehan. In this town of the Rust Belt, the neighbors of this needy cop are her parents, her former high school friends and her exes. Criticized and attacked since she failed to find Katie Bailey, a young woman reported missing a year earlier, she finds herself under pressure when a new crime is committed. Forced to work with a state police inspector, she must also manage the dramas of her own existence and the explosion of her family… Read more

“The Crown” season 5, “The Girl with the Heart of a Pig”, “Mood”… What are the series of the week worth?