The Corinthian leaves to devour the capitalist in the sequel to The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country in April 2023 |

Admittedly, sometimes adaptations are good. And not necessarily for what they produce as such, but for what they engender. In the case of the series The Sandmanhonest and sympathetic adaptation of the masterpiece of neil gaimanthe prospect of success on the platform netflix had motivated DC Comics to produce more material about Corinthian, the real star of the first season. The publisher had turned to the all-time champion of modern horror comics, James Tynion IVand towards the virtuoso artist Lisandro Estherren for the miniseries The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country, published in six VO issues between the months of April and September of this year. The title is expected for January 27, 2023 at Urban Comics.

Eat with your eyes (vol 2)

Critical success, and interesting extension of the mythology developed by neil gaiman at the time of Vertigo Comics, the title is finally entitled to an extension of duration. Which comes as no surprise to those who have read the first volume – the story was far from over, and only lacked the official announcement of a full sequel. It’s done : DC Comics announces a new mini’ in six, The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country – The Glass House for spring 2023, with Lisandro Estherren back alongside Tynion IV for the new adventures of the dark-spectacled nightmare.

Rather leaning towards social horror recently (witness the short film project developed with P. K. Collinet and Elsa Carter recently, Room Serviceassumed parable on the horrors of the secret world of the 1%), Tynion has this time planned to take the Corinthian in the heart of Silicon Valley, among tech billionaires and investors in the economy of tomorrow. The screenwriter jokes that his character has “never met more monstrous creatures“. To wonder if the guy has not planned to involve one or other of the three colossi of our futuristic present (the one who loves imaginary worlds, the one who forbids people to go to piss or the one who frees zozials) as a watermark of this new story.

Unlike the first volume, The Glass House apparently shouldn’t use the add-in artists process for flashback sequences. Of the six issues of the first series, the readership had indeed been treated to superb episodes illustrated by Yanick Paquette, Andrea Sorrentino, Francesco Francavilla, Daniel and Aaron Campbellwhile the designer Maria Llovet had taken on the task of designing the whole of the last single of this introduction. The solicitations do not specify whether DC Comics has planned to apply the same logic for the sequence of events, or if the composition of the story will only need this kind of point of view variations.

Note that the publisher nevertheless considers that the series is indeed part of the same editorial corpus: Nightmare Country – The Glass House clings to its surtitle”The Sandman Universe“, and will offer for this purpose a cover shared with the first issue of the new series Dead Boy Detectives of Pornsak Pitchershot and Jeff Stokelyrecently announced and also placed in the same group. The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country – The Glass House #1 and The Sandman Universe: Dead Boy Detectives #1 will both be entitled to a “connecting cover“from the artist Yoshitaka Amanofamous Japanese illustrator, well known for his work in the video game industry and on the saga Final Fantasy especially. Amano is not a beginner in the universe of Sandman – he had notably produced, in the company of neil gaimanthe album The Dream Hunters in 1999, which earned them all to pocket a Bram Stoker Award in the category “best illustrated narrative”.

Apart from this variant coverage, The Glass House will also be entitled to two blankets of Reiko Murakami for its first two issues. See you on April 4, 2023 for the official return of the tall blond with dark glasses.


The Corinthian leaves to devour the capitalist in the sequel to The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country in April 2023 |