The best devices compatible with Google Home

The dream of having a smart home has now become a reality thanks to the introduction of countless “smart” devices, now anyone can start assembling one in a very short time and at relatively very low prices. In fact, many think that to do this it is necessary to modify the entire electrical system of the house, but this is absolutely not true. In fact, all you need is a central hub, which we have decided to entrust to Google, and several compatible accessories. To help you further, we have decided to report all the best devices compatible with Google Home.

As you will have understood, in order to use the devices on the list, it is absolutely recommended to use the Google home automation system, based on the Google Assistant voice assistant. In reality this is not really necessary, but it is the easiest and fastest way to create a real smart home. In addition, as you surely already know, all of Google’s smart speakers can be purchased at very low prices and have small dimensions and a simple design, so that they can be inserted in any context and in any room. In addition, remember that everything can also be controlled by smartphone, tablet or even smartwatch, always using the same voice assistant.

In total, we decided to select seven devices compatible with Google Home, all belonging to different categories. Obviously, for each of these there are more or less expensive alternatives, for this reason, in the list below you will find those that, in our opinion, represent the best products for value for money. We will definitely start from the lighting, with the bulbs of Philips Huebut we will also not miss the opportunity to talk about smart accessories that are perhaps less known, but which deserve to be used, such as: thermostats, thermometers, WiFi wall sockets, essential oil diffusers, switches and even anti-theft kits.

Before starting also, we would like to clarify that some of the devices on the list can also be controlled through the Amazon Alexa home automation system, as well as obviously through the proprietary applications of the individual manufacturers. Furthermore, it is important to clarify that some of these will also need a bridge in order to correctly communicate with the Google assistant. Obviously we will report this in the paragraph dedicated to the single product. Finally, we remind you that, despite having been developed by different companies, all of them can be configured with the Google Home app and therefore used through a single application. To complete the configuration, updates and any resets, however, you will need to use the proprietary app from the same manufacturer. Having made the necessary premises, we can immediately start with the list of best devices compatible with Google Home.

Philips Lighting Hue Kit 2 LED bulbs

Just as promised, let’s start with the enlightenment chapter. The leader in this field is obviously Philips, which with its Hue line has managed to create a set of intelligent accessories with always excellent quality. Below, we report the Lighting kit with two single-color LED bulbs, with the possibility of modifying only the heat, making it warmer with yellow light or colder with blue or white light.

However, the aforementioned kit only includes the two bulbs with integrated Bluetooth technology. This means that they can be controlled remotely through the Philips application, but that in order to be connected to the Google Home system they must necessarily be connected to the Philips Hue bridge, not included in the kit and sold separately.

In general, however, we recommend using the aforementioned bridge, as it is compatible with many other lighting accessories, such as LED strips or RGB LED bulbs (which change color). The attack of the bulbs is type E 27, which is the standard one of most household systems in Italy.

Philips Hue 2 smart bulb kit are available for purchase on eBay at

NEST LEARNING thermostat – 3rd generation

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Let’s now move on to a device that is certainly more premium and among other things also produced by Google itself. For some time now, the Nest company has been officially acquired by Google, becoming the official manufacturer of the Californian giant’s smart home automation accessories.

Nest’s flagship product is obviously the third generation smart thermostat, characterized by a minimal and at the same time futuristic design. In fact, it presents a circular display, with all the information inside and also all the touch controls to be able to change the temperature without necessarily having to go through the voice assistant.

Nest also has its own dedicated application, but in this case it will not be necessary, as the configuration can be done directly through the Google Home app. With the use of Google Assistant it will therefore be possible, among other things, to lower or raise the temperature of the house only by using your own voice. Definitely the smart thermostat to buy if you plan to assemble a Google-based home automation system.

Nest’s smart thermostat is available for purchase on eBay at € 229.90



Among the most underrated devices compatible with Google Home there is certainly the smart thermometer. In fact, many believe that it is essentially useless, but in reality it can actually offer information that is also very important for one’s health. In particular, the device that we have decided to report is not only able to show the internal temperature of a room in real time, but also to report its humidity.

Keeping this second information under control is in fact essential to always guarantee excellent air quality, especially if there are babies in the house. If its value is in fact not very balanced, it can be improved by opening the windows, or even using a smart speaker, which we will see later in this guide. Furthermore, we remind you that the Google Home system allows all the devices to communicate with each other, and it will therefore be possible to initiate particular actions when reaching precise temperatures.

It can also be used without any external bridge and the battery life exceeds even a year of use. In any case, the battery can be replaced manually following the notification received on the smartphone.

The smart thermometer is available for purchase on eBay at



The smart WiFi socket is instead one of those accessories considered essential in a domotic home, as it can make practically any product an intelligent product. The aforementioned device looks like a sort of schuko format adapter, which will have to act as a bridge between the wall socket (or power strip) and the appliance to be made smart.

One of the most common uses is the coffee machine, or even the electric fan. Using the smart socket, it will then be possible to ask the Google voice assistant (or even just use the smartphone app) to turn the socket on or off, which will consequently start or turn off the connected product.

In addition, the aforementioned socket includes a physical button that can possibly be used to turn the device on or off manually. Also in this case it will not be necessary to purchase any external bridge and the commands can also be started through the proprietary app, in addition to that of Google Home.

The smart socket is available for purchase on eBay at 12.99 euros

GX Smart WiFi diffuser for Essential Oils

GX Smart WiFi diffuser for Essential Oils

This is probably not the first smart device that comes to mind to buy, but the essential oil diffuser could also make an excellent contribution to the air quality of your home. As you have surely understood, it is an accessory capable of introducing a slight pleasant smell into the air deriving from essential oils (sold separately).

Alternatively, it will also be possible to use only water, so as to humidify and improve the circulating air. In particular, the reported device has a fairly elegant faux wood design, enriched by a light RGB LED strip, with colors that can be changed via the smartphone app.

Of course, all commands can also be reported by the voice assistant. It can also be used without using external bridges.

The smart speaker is available for purchase on eBay at 62.74 euros

SMART wall switch

SMART wall switch

Let’s go back to talking about smart lighting, but this time dealing with the problem in a different way. The bulbs can actually become intelligent also thanks to the use of a smart opinion switch, which will then issue the commands directly through the electrical system.

This solution will bring two advantages in particular: it is compatible with any type of light bulb (even non-smart ones) and it also offers another way of interacting with the lighting (using the classic wall buttons). Obviously, the commands via the app and Google Assistant will remain functional.

The only real problem could arise during installation. To avoid problems, we recommend that you seek the help of an experienced electrician.

The smart switch is available for purchase on eBay at 26.14 euros

Smart home wifi alarm anti-theft kit

Wifi alarm anti-theft kit

Finally, we close with one of the best devices compatible with Google Home able to increase the safety of your home. It is a fairly basic anti-theft kit, but full of really interesting accessories. In particular, the alarm system includes: a main unit with also alarm functions, two sensors for doors and windows, a proximity and movement sensor, a remote control and a smart doorbell.

All these devices can obviously be connected to each other, creating scenes and triggers. A trivial example could be: starting the alarm if the motion sensor detects movements during the night. In addition, thanks to the presence of the bell, the same alarm can also be used as a warning in case there is someone at the door.

In short, a basic kit to be included in your Google home automation system offered at a relatively very low price.

The smart anti-theft kit is available for purchase on eBay at 43.46 euros

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