The Angell M electric bike uses design and technology to adapt to the city

A little over a year ago the French manufacturer Angell presented the first of its models and from the first moment it attracted attention for its design. The Angel S. It arrived as a different electric bike, bringing fresh air to the boring traditional e-bike design. The technological solutions adapted to life in the city and a variant, Rapide or Cruiser, that respond to a dynamic or relaxed position on the frame, are now reflected in a second model, Angel M.which inherits all those new features.

The history of the French manufacturer and the development of its electric bikes It is unknown until it jumped onto the international scene. in 2019 with the presentation of the Angell S Rapide. It was joined by a somewhat more expensive Cruiser variant, which allows for a more relaxed position, thanks to its curved handlebars. In addition, it includes some accessories such as the kickstand, the mudguards and the rear luggage rack and also has a front basket and a front luggage rack available as an option.

angell M Rapide Cruise electric bike-indoor1
Basic features of both of Angell’s electric bikes, S and M, offered in Rapide and Cruiser variants.

But in its catalog there is also room for a second model, Angell M. which also includes the variants Rapid and Cruiser. This second model slightly varies the geometry of the frame which, as in the S model, has nothing to do with the traditional formats. For starters, the top tube doesn’t end at the upright that houses the seat post, but instead bends halfway to become the rear stays. The seat tube goes through it leaving a free space under the rider. At the front, like the S model, the handlebar is integrated in such a way that it gives the whole a futuristic air and that, depending on the variant, Rapide or Cruiser, stays straight forcing the rider to lower the body forward or curves to allow for a more relaxed position.

In order to allow the frame geometry to be modified from conventional designs and to maintain the diameter of the tubes, Angell has decided that all of their bikes have a battery mounted behind the seat. But it is not about placing it on a carrier as was done on the first electric bicycles. It is a battery that can be easily removed and whose capacity is sufficient to offer a range of pedaling assistance of 50 kilometers in the most efficient engine configuration of the three that are available. Although it is not a very large battery, it also recharges in just two hours, so it is possible to recover autonomy during day-to-day stops.

angell M Rapide Cruise electric bike-indoor2
The removable battery located at the rear of the saddle leaves room for designers to propose a different, elegant and minimalist frame.

In the rear wheel hub mounts an electric motor 250W power enough to propel the bike up to the statutory 25 km/hso Angell satisfies the European EPAC regulation to be considered a conventional bicycle, without the need for a license or insurance.

Angell adds several extras to your bikes that make them adapt to urban life adding extra security to their owners. The handlebar has integrated turn signals at the ends that expand visibility within the traffic. Mounted on the battery pack, two large brake lights they warn other road users of the cyclist’s intentions. Lastly, each of the bikes that rolls off the Angell assembly line is equipped with a anti-theft system so efficient that the company promises to replace every stolen bike within two years of purchase. Without further details, the dedicated mobile application, capable of GPS tracking the position in real time, is part of this sophisticated extra.

angell M Rapide Cruise electric bike-indoor3
The integrated handlebar, straight or curved, is one of the most important differences between the Rapide and Cruiser variants.

The Angell M Rapid electric bicycle is available on the manufacturer’s website for €2,740 and the M Cruiser variant by €2,990. As in the case of the S, this second most expensive model features a curved handlebar that favors a relaxed riding position. It also mounts smaller wheels, 650×42 B vs. 700×35 C, to make room for the full fenders that come standard. It also allows for shorter cyclists, from 1.55 to 1.75 meters tall, while the Rapid model admits from 1.70′ to 1.90 meters. Finally, it also adds a kickstand and a rear luggage rack. The extras raise the weight from 16.8 to 18.6 kilograms. And the possibility, as an option, of putting a basket or a luggage rack in the front part.

The Angell M electric bike uses design and technology to adapt to the city