The 1899 ending, explained: What’s real and what’s not in the Netflix series?

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The Serie 1899 has already reached Netflix to offer its subscribers another amazing story devised by the creators of dark. While earlier fiction by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar played with time, 1899 explores the notion of realitypushing viewers to doubt everything they have seen and what happened aboard the Kerberos, a ship leaving Europe bound for New York.

Many questions were left unanswered at the end of 1899. However, there are enough clues to solve some of the series’ biggest mysteriessuch as the nature of the Kerberos Project and why the ship’s passengers are constantly forced to confront their traumatic memories.



Boat Kerberos was bought by an English businessman, Henry Singleton (Anton Lesser), who made some strange modifications. While the Kerberos voyage takes place in 1899, a marvelous technology is hidden from the ship and its passengers are taken back to relive their most traumatic memories. The only people who seem to be aware of what happens are Daniel (Aneurin Barnard) and Elliot (Fflyn Edwards)the two survivors From the trip of the prometheusthe previous company’s ship, which was lost at sea.

After receiving a mysterious message, the crew of the Kerberos finds Prometheus adrift in the ocean and rescues a child. Arriving alone on Kerberos, Daniel manipulates Maura Franklin (Emily Beecham) into questioning his reality. As the final episodes of 1899 reveal, the ship is part of a computer simulation built to keep people’s minds trapped inside a machine. The wells located throughout the ship serve as charging points, allowing people to move from one part of the simulation to the other. Each axis represents the path to a different memory simulation, and each memory simulation is inspired by the past of one of the Kerberos passengers. However, it seems that all these memories are falseintroduced into the minds of the passengers so that they forget who they are.

Maura is Henry’s daughter and it is connected to the simulation. She doesn’t understand why, but it quickly becomes clear that Kerberos is just the latest simulation in an endless loop. When people die on Kerberos, your consciousness resets and is reused in the next simulation, and each previous ship represents the log data of a failed experiment. Henry watches the Kerberos people from his office all the time, judging their choices and He blames them for making the same mistakes over and over again. While no clear answer is given as to why these experiments are repeated, it appears that the goal is understand the human mind and unlock its full potential by teaching people to put reason above their feelings. Henry seems to be the mastermind behind the Kerberos Project and previous simulations, but at the end it is revealed that he is a puppet like everyone else Aboard the ship.


In the real world, Maura and Daniel are married and Elliot is their son.. At some point, the Elliot’s body begins to fail due to a mysterious illness, which pushes her mother to create a way to save your conscience inside a computer. Maura refuses to let go of her son, so she builds the first simulation to keep him alive forever. Maura and Daniel are the creators of the simulation, since he is a master programmer and she is a neuroscience genius. As the creator of the simulation, Maura designed the architecture of the programwhich allows multiple people to connect to a machine simultaneously, so that can spend time with loved ones who are dead In the real world.

Though 1899 never confirms it explicitly, it seems that Elliot died at some point. Unable to bear that pain, Maura decided to erase her memories and stay forever plugged into the simulation., where he would no longer remember what happened. Throughout the series, Daniel and Elliot are aware of her virtual condition and try to get Maura to wake up.. Maura programmed an exit key into the simulation, but hid it before erasing her own memories of him, so no one knows where the key is. Henry takes control of the simulation with the same goal of finding the key, in order to finally be able to free himself from his virtual prison.


At the end of the series, the key and lock that need to be connected end up in Henry’s hands. Blaming her daughter for all the pain inflicted on the people trapped in the simulation, Henry decides to reset her memory, send her back to the start of a new journey, and use the key to get out.. Nevertheless, the key does not work becausein a desperate attempt to wake up Maura, Daniel changes the Kerberos codealtering the structure of the program and destroying the latest version of the simulation.

Inside the simulation, each object represents a different piece of code. For example, the black syringe that Henry uses to poke Maura in the neck functions as a memory resetforcing her to repeatedly relive the same boat trip. The key and the pyramid that Elliot always carries with him are the two pieces of code that when they get together they wake someone up and take them to the real world.

When Daniel changes the code in the simulation, change the black syringe to transport Maura to the first version of the simulation, a simple room that the family used to extend their life together. Daniel also changed the key code to make it Maura’s wedding ring and the pyramid code to make it a toy found in the first version’s room. As Daniel explains, Maura needs to wake up and work in the real world to free everyone else. That’s because, while she was fast asleep, his brother Cirian took control of the simulation, trapping everyone. In this way, Maura follows Daniel’s instructions and exits the simulation.


When Maura disconnects from the machine that he trapped his consciousness inside the simulation, he realizes that he is inside a chamber where some of the passengers he met inside the Kerberos are also connected. The room is inside a spaceship belonging to Project Prometheus, which also houses several of the same cameras, which means that all the Kerberos people are there too. Although Kerberos simulation caught people’s minds in 1899, the actual year is 2099and almost 2,000 people are being transported through space to an unknown destination.

It’s Explain why the people inside the simulation they were somehow volunteersbut it doesn’t help to understand why Ciaran took care of everything and kept people locked up. Nevertheless, ciaran finds out about her sister’s escape and sends her a message to welcome her back to reality. In this way, it is expected that season 2 take place partially in a futuristic realityalso including glimpses of the simulation to discover what happened to all the people trapped inside and how Danielinadvertently, I could have doomed them all.

The 1899 ending, explained: What’s real and what’s not in the Netflix series?