Tesla: 5 technologies you won’t find elsewhere

Tesla has become a first-time electric car manufacturer. Here are 5 innovations that make this brand stand out.

Tesla is now well established as a builder fully fledged with some sense of innovation. It is even about the brand in vogue when discussing the subject electric cars.

It’s quite deserved because the American manufacturer never ceases to bring innovations and new technologies. We will cover five today.


Tesla’s first innovation is at the level of superchargers. In fact, it is of a massive network in Europe.

Its development should even enable it to cover 100% of European territory.

Moreover, the V3 have a power of 350kWmuch more than the old model which had 145kW.

Small flat however at the level prices which are constantly evolving. Note that it says that the rates way down spectacular right now.

The Tesla Semi

Tesla produced and marketed the Tesla Semi. This is Tesla’s first electric truck. Performances for this type of vehicle are incredible.

Indeed, we are talking here about a 0 to 96 km/h in only 5 seconds empty and 20 seconds once equipped.

Its autonomy is, for its part, 800 km. Finally, the cockpit is futuristic without forgetting the AutoPilot option.

The dashboard

Technologies are also multiple inside the car. This is particularly the case for the large touch screens which are positioned in the center of the dashboard.

This in fact allows manipulate properly the car through a software created by Tesla. So you can control level battery or the state of the car.

Tesla also offers updates regularly, which makes it possible to constantly improve the experience of the user.

The loop

We will now discuss a technology which comes from the Boring Company, namely a company of Elon Musk.

This is the loop, namely the underground tunnel or aerial which should become a totally public transport system electric.

Advertised speed is approx. 1080 km/h and it will be possible to do Paris and London in 28 minutes.

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Finally, Tesla also differentiates itself from other manufacturers by its marketing. Indeed, the American manufacturer does very little advertising around his cars.

Conversely, his plan is rather to sell a dream before to sell his products. This is how Tesla customers jump on the new cars without really paying attention to novelties.

Tesla: 5 technologies you won’t find elsewhere