Tenoch Huerta and Mercedes Coroy claim indigenous roots

Rarely does the actor bite his tongue when speaking in public about xenophobia or other burning issues. Photo: Instagram @tenochhuerta

Under the name of Namorone of the antiheroes primal of universe Marvelthe mexican actor Tenoch Vegetable garden serves in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda forever‘ an interpretation that, in addition to winning him the unanimous applause of the criticismHas allowed claim the indigenous roots from his country and of America.

The second installment ofBlack Panther‘, whose first part reaped enormous success in 2018 and seven nominations for the oscar, recovers the afro spirit of its predecessor. But now she adds a new underwater world, Talokan.

This is inspired by the ancient mesoamerican cultures Y ruled for the temperamental Namor. With dialogues in language Maya and one indigenous setting, Talokan will become a threat for him futuristic kingdom of wakandanembedded in the middle of the African continent.

Revalue the inheritance

“Historically they have taught us to feel ashamed of who we are,” says Huerta, 41, during a virtual interview with the EFE agency.

For the actor, “with these new representations, with these characters powerful in franchises as large as this, the possibility opens for people to revalue these inheritancesparticularly in Latin America Y Mexico: the African and the indigenous”.

If you have any hope Vegetable garden about that ‘Wakanda Forever‘, apart from entertain Y amuse to the viewer, is that “it helps the little children to look in the mirror in the future and say to themselves: ‘There is nothing wrong with me, it was only in the eyes of whoever was looking at me'”.

Rarely does the actor bite his tongue when speaking in public about xenophobia or other burning issues. For this reason, he recalls that, in his opinion, “Latin America Y Mexico They are some regions extremely racists”, something that he himself has not only felt in his own flesh, but has also “exercised”.

“We grew up in contexts so, and so we educated. Little by little I have been disassembling it, I have been changing the perception. And that reconciles us not only with our history, but can also create bridges with people from other parts of the world”, he opines.

beyond entertainment

If he theme of the race is central in the films of ‘Black Panther‘, other matters related to the actual problems of the society they do not stop sneaking into the script, written by its director, ryan cooglerY Joe Robert Cole.

The coveted raw material of the prosperous wakandan, vibranium, inevitably brings a flavor to the disputes over energy sources such as gas or oil that afflict the world. For Vegetable gardenit is a “great success” that Marvel “build these narratives around these themes, because they go beyond the entertainment”.

“Of course it’s a funny movie. You’re going to see explosions, you’re going to see action, you’re going to see those wonderful characters… but there is also this part of reflection and these stories that lead us to question where we stand in the world And what are we going to do with it”, he adds.

The performance of Mexicanknown to the great public especially for his role as Rafael Caro Quintero in the series’Narcos: Mexico‘, has been praised for showing a Super Hero who fights to defend his own, although sometimes he takes the most bellicose decision.

“The way I approached it was to build a men common. With Superpowers and with all this context and this inheritance he loads, but at the end of the day he’s a common man trying to defend To his familyto take care of those he loves, to keep his way of life safe ”, emphasizes the actor.

Mayan actress was honored

On the other hand, the actress maya mercedes coroy it was honoree in Guatemala for the winner of reward Nobel of Peace, Rigoberta Menchu. The recognition was for her participation in the film ‘Wakanda Forever‘.

“When I see mary mercedes coroy I realize that there future for the mayan women of the new generations”, declared Menchú, during the event.

Photo: Instagram @mariamercedescoroy

Beside coroy on the movie Maya also acted mary curtain, but she was not present during the tribute. Both actresses debuted in the universe film of Marvel in the sequel to ‘Black Panther‘.

The Rigoberta Menchú Tum Foundation decided to honor coroy for “breaking paradigms” and showing the world the talent of the indigenous artists from the country central american.

In addition, the decoration was made within the framework of the 30th anniversary of the Reward Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Rigoberta menchufor his fight for the recognition of the human rights of the Indigenous villagesIn the midst of the internal armed conflict in Guatemala (1960-1996).

During the event, the actress Mercedes coroy received a jade necklace from the hands of old women who represent the authority community and the knowledge of village Maya. “This necklace distinguishes her as a daughter of the Mayan people,” they said.

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