Technology and design inspired by nature for the Kia Ev9

The curtain has risen for Kia Ev9, the 100% electric-powered SUV from the Korean company.

Characterized by, among other things, the three rows of seats and a style that points to a whole series of distinctive details, Ev9 will make its world debut in late March, when Kia will reveal all product information and launch the global campaign that will have the slogan “Here to reshape the way we move”.
Thanks to the advanced technological contents and a strong stylistic identity, Kia Ev9 has been defined by the car manufacturer itself as a fundamental stage in the evolution of the brand. The presence on the road of the newcomer in the Kia house is the result of the combination of different elements, inspired by nature and modernity and applied to the principles of the Opposites United brand philosophy, between clean lines and sculptural shapes.
“Kia Ev9 opens up new horizons – explained Karim Habib, executive vice president and head of Kia global design center – redefining the standards of exterior and interior design, as well as connectivity and functionality, always with the utmost attention to sustainability. Ev9 represents a proposition where quality reaches its peak and creates a new perspective in the SUV sector”.
In particular, the pillar of the Kia philosophy Bold for Nature, which pays homage to nature, played a key role in defining the shapes of Ev9. When viewed from the front, it is characterized by simple, clean lines and surfaces. The futuristic and visionary look is emphasized by the Digital Pattern Lighting Grille (depending on the reference markets) and by the design of the vertically developed headlights.
Ev9’s innovative Led Star Map technology offers a sophisticated dynamic sequential lighting system that will distinguish the so-called Digital Tiger Face of all future Ev models of the brand. The side view of Ev9 instead highlights a profile inspired by polygonal gods.
In the interior space, Kia has given priority to habitability and comfort, as well as technology that is useful and usable for all passengers. The long wheelbase, with a narrow waistline and completely flat floor have created generous space for all occupants to connect and relax in comfort across all three rows of seats. Offered in six and seven-seater configurations, Ev9 has benefited, in the development phases, from the collection of opinions from families and users, called to express themselves to introduce the best configurations and characteristics of the seats.
Great attention has been paid to functionality with numerous storage compartments, including a particularly large one, inserted in the central console. The high-definition display then allows you to manage the navigator functions, while the controls for the vehicle’s climate control are integrated underneath.


Technology and design inspired by nature for the Kia Ev9 – Tests and News