Tananai is not a meme at all

There was a time when anyone who asked me to listen to 15 songs in a row by Tananai I would have looked at it as Putin looks at democracy, yet his album Rave, Eclipse arrived on my desk (read: Spotify) and I decided to trust it, to analyze and understand the phenomenon behind Alberto Cotta Ramusinoborn in 1995 who almost out of nowhere arrives at the Sanremo Festival in 2022 with the anthem of the pricks Casual sexclears out by finishing last and taking it as if he had won the Champions League, then scores a series of platinum singles such as Baby Goddamn And The sweet life (the hit of the summer together with Fedez And Mara Sattei) and then arrives at the first unreleased album by shuffling the deck again, with a single capable of tearing the hearts of teenagers and those who remained teenagers growing up, entitled Abysmalwith the video making headlines for the performance featuring the singer standing still as people pass by taking selfies with him.

There are two well-defined versions of Tananai on his record and he is the first to describe them: “RAVE, ECLIPSE it is the summary of the two souls that since the beginning of my project I have decided to include in the songs. There’s the craziest, lightest part, the one that maybe in the last year has allowed most of you to get to know me: the Rave. But after the party there’s always the down, the Eclipse, my more introspective side. The only thing that these two aspects of me have in common is always getting naked and I promised myself that I would do it with every aspect of my life”.

It is a schizophrenic album and therefore intriguing, precisely because of the double life similar to that of Dr. Jekyll who cries and despairs over a love affair that has ended during sunset but who, as soon as the sun goes down, finds himself trapped in the body of Mr. Hyde in full blown among the flashing lights of a nightclub. Tananai has a face like an ass and this is a compliment to me, because he comes out of a whole magnum sea of ​​itpop equal to himself (in which he himself was entangled until not too long ago) with new elements that come from the scene of the clubs and other purely pop.

Mix acoustic elements as in the only one duet with Aries called Minefield and straight home in Those like us And Exaggerated or 90s hip hop beats in Little Gabberthe rhythmic words to the Dargen neither The best years (future hit? but then they could all be) and slow space pop like the title track, futuristic rock bits like Rudeness and then the canonical lenses, the ones that light up all the cell phone torches in sports halls: Three-quarters, Abysmal, Fuck me.

His lyrics are like his face, slappingyet they are so shot in the face that they like his music as well and reading the credits, it’s basically a homemade album, in which Tananai writes all the pieces, takes care of the programming, the piano and leaves little room for the added musicians, who do their part without interfering too much. Ah, it goes without saying, the disc contains all the singles that have made his fortune so far, even the one from Sanremo.

Here, this is the typical case in which a very fast artist, in the orbit of Fedez and friends of Fedez, could play the card “songs all similar to the very famous single to break the bank without making so much the bunch” and instead wanted to see how the public would respond showing all its faces. The final result is artistically more interesting than I would have liked to admit, because even if it is not exactly the tea I would order in the proverbial room, at least has the ability to surprise without boring.

Of course, if you are expecting a canonical singer who takes all the notes like a well-tuned piano and who does not mimic the Milanese street speech making it a branch of italics, you are in the wrong place. Where is he going? It seems to be in a place where the Italian singer-songwriter (however pissed off and urban, that is) meets all the various influences that have characterized the ratings of someone born in ’95 who likes to go dancing. There is.

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Tananai is not a meme at all