Summer 2022 hits: the hits to hum under the umbrella

There are few things that make summer immediately: the sun, aperitifs on the beach, days spent at the beach, holidays, ice cream and summer hits. Each year these famous songs, played on the radio several times a day, accompany us in the summer. A catchy music, a light text and light-hearted and a music video that refers to summer adventures: here is the ideal recipe for unforgettable summer songs (even after many years). What are the catchphrases ofsummer 2022?

Hula-HoopCarl Brave and Noemi

Already supporters of the summer hit 2021 Makumba, Carl Brave And Noemi come back this year with Hula-Hoop. The song has all the potential to become the next smash 2022: the text talks about mid-Augustof lunches by the sea and summer cooked, while the music recalls that Hawaiian but also a little vintage. In short, one of the Italian summer 2022 songs that can make us unleash or accompany us in ours road trip.

I Love You Baby, Jovanotti and Sixpm

Among the songs of summer 2022, this is perhaps the most romantic. Engaging, rhythmic and with a very sweet text: what more could you ask for? The music is inspired by the 60s disco with a futuristic touch, while the unmistakable voice of Jovanotti he tells us a romance and fresh love as only he can do. To sing out loud in the car going towards the sea, or to the next one Jova beach party.


Undisputed queen of today’s music scene (and not only), Elodie he knows perfectly well how to conquer the top of the charts. And Tribal confirms it once again: a song in full style by our promising pop star. Tribal music (as the title suggests) accompanies a text melancholy which speaks of a love over, a summer cottage cheese that clashes with everyday life. All with the typical sensuality by Elodie, which is now the trademark.


After last year’s success with Sleepless nights And You drive Me crazywith the reconfirmation of Chills sung together with Mahmoodsinger Blanco returns to act as the soundtrack to our summers. Perhaps the most melancholic of all the hits on this list, Nostalgia it is not one of the summer 2022 songs to dance to but it still managed to steal our hearts.

The sweet lifeFedez, Tananai and Mara Sattei

A reference to the Italian sweet life, captivating music and three exceptional performers: these are the ingredients to create the main song of the Italian summer 2022 music. The idyllic 60s atmosphere is enhanced by the high notes of Mara Sattei and dampened the right from rap a little hard of Tananai. A summer video to the core and the guarantee of the presence of Fedez (already protagonist of last summer with One thousand with Orietta Berti And Achille Lauro) complete the work.

Young WannabeNuclear Tactical Penguins

As usual i Nuclear Tactical Penguins they know how to sing a generation, that of the gods millennialsbetween history, politics and generational discomfort – and obviously thelove, which cannot be missing in the pieces of the band. A bit’ rock and a little’ electronics, Young Wannabe it’s a song that we never tire of listening to, thanks to its mood relaxing and ai puns captivating and never predictable.

Finimondo, Myss Keta

In a very short time the new piece of the mysterious Myss Keta has become a summer smash and a trend on social media. The sensual voice and provocative text of Myss blend with the voice of Edoardo Vianello to create a song originalnostalgic and to be listened to in loop.

About damn time, Lizzo

Here is another hit that has become viral on Tik Tok and company, which is confirmed among the songs of the summer 2022 foreigners more listened to this year. The interpreter is the wonderful and counter-current Lizzoicon of body positivity and international music. About damn time is a spicy and light-hearted song, from singing and dancing under the umbrella.

Gilbert CarrasquilloGetty Images

Don’t you worry, Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, David Guetta

A historical group, a singer on the crest of the wave and a DJ who has unleashed millions of people: they are the proponents of the hit 2022 Don’t you worrywhich has already become a must in each dance club self-respecting.


Take a show that marked ours childhoodchoose the most representative riff and then create one original song starting from it, with a provocative text: here is the brilliant intuition of Annawhich with his Gasoline enters by force among the charts of the summer 2022 hits. The refrain is a clear tribute to Patty’s World and even Brenda Asnicar (Antonella, in the show) acknowledged her lucky idea to the singer.

It rains in the discoTommaso Paradiso

From the times of the The Journalistsour Tommaso Paradiso he knows very well how to create a winning hit – in the summer and not. After Happiness whoretry again with It rains in the discomasterpiece indie with nostalgic tones and puns typical of its mood.

Summer 2022 hits: the hits to hum under the umbrella