It is not going to be that Jaime Bonilla Valdez gets the squeak out of the stick or what is the same, the shot in the butt. I say this because, as soon as he regained his seat, he ranted from the Senate rostrum against his successor in the government of Baja California, allegedly because she has links with drug traffickers.

With no more support than his discredited word, already feeling omnipotent senator, he exaggerated not so much the size but the content of an alleged narcomanta that accuses Marina del Pilar Olmedo, the questionable governor, of breaking her pact with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. Really? Well, let him put the evidence on the table of justice.

Why was the reinstated senator excited? Perhaps it will be due to the failed project of an unfeasible photovoltaic plant that was going to be installed illegally as an alternative to provide electricity to Mexicali, a project that “was cut short and is now sparking”…

Distracting harangue before the accusation, it is indeed in court with hair and signs, against Bonilla and several cronies from the public and private sector that caused (kill them by keeping quiet) that compensation has to be paid to the company that they took to the dance.

Of the aforementioned photovoltaic, without mincing words, the governor said: “Here is a scam to the finances of the people of Baja California.” While Bonilla was burning the beans for recovering her seat to have jurisdiction.

But, if they judge him guilty, maybe they’ll give him a fresh boot, even if it sounds like a rural dream.


The leather whip with which the rider punishes the horse is called a chirrión. This whip is tied to a short pole and sometimes, instead of hitting the mount, the rider hits himself with it. For this reason, since ancient times it has been said: “He got a squeak from the stick.”

Chirrión comes, etymologically, from the neutral intransitive verb chirriar: sharp and unpleasant noise; plus the suffix _ón that indicates augmentative and derogatory value.


Political satire written by Carlos Fuetes published in 2003 that places the plot in a futuristic way in 2020. With extraordinary vision, the fiction sticks to the absurd and chaotic reality that we now live.

Fuentes came up with the idea of ​​proposing as a great scenario a Mexico lacking electronic communications, which were blocked by a lawsuit over oil with the US government. Therefore, what is told is through the letters written by its protagonists.

Between workers’ strikes, student marches and massacre of peasants, premonitory imagination!, desire for power, corruption, demagoguery, homicides, infidelities, lies, violence and betrayal are intermingled as the daily bread on the table of politicians and powerful businessmen .

As it is, as it continues to happen today, it is not about governing but about eliminating political enemies, where each one attacks, brandishes and whips with his own squeak.