Smart #1, first test drive through the streets of Reggio Calabria: book a test drive

It will be an event not to be missed.

The new futuristic smart #1 finally gets to Reggio Calabria ready to show itself for the first time live to the general public. Already pre-orderable, but not yet present in Italian dealerships, the new born smart home is touring Italy with a brief stop in the main Italian cities and welcoming it in the Reggio area will be F3 Motorswhich will display it on 24 and 25 January in the splendid setting of Italy squareavailable for a test drive aimed at all fans of the brand and innovation in the automotive field.

smart #1: a companion for city life

What is the future of electric mobility? According to smart, it will be based on the encounter between people, on the connection of cultures and ideas and on the possibility of having meaningful and shared experiences. smart #1therefore, is not just a car, but a companion to face city life in total relaxation: a SUVs compact, 100% electric, whose name already evokes the brand’s new philosophy defined by clean and minimal style, technology, modernity and innovation.

smart #1: a unique design for the outdoors

The design of the new smart #1 is a real eye-catcher. The shapes are rounded and references to the world smart they are quite evident. Great personality, then, expressed by the luminous signature of the light clusters which present an upside-down Y look both in the front and rear areas. Some unique elements, such as the frameless windows, the floating panoramic “halo” roof, the motorized retractable handles and the 19” alloy wheels are additional touches that give even more character to the aesthetic appearance.

With its brand new bodywork in line with the new generation of cars, smart #1 (read Hashtag One), is ready to conquer the spotlight and social feeds:

“The all-new smart #1 represents the restart of the smart brand and showcases our new Sensual Product design DNA,” said Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Mercedes-Benz Group AG. “She is grown up, cool and embodies beauty with clever solutions. Therefore, she is new, fresh and charming. Our new #1 has the potential to make smart a leading design brand.”

smart #1: minimal and spacious interiors

Even the interior of the smart #1 amazes for the design. The look is minimal, contemporary, and impresses with its large on-board habitability. The 12.3” monitor positioned in the center of the dashboard allows easy access to the infotainment system, while the central tunnel houses numerous and always useful storage compartments.

The internal habitability impresses with the available space. Thanks to the flat floor, and the wheelbase of 2 meters and 75 centimeters, five adults can be accommodated comfortably. The rear bench can then slide by 14 centimeters, increasing or decreasing the load capacity of the trunk.

smart #1: up to 440 km of autonomy

Range anxiety is a distant memory with the smart #1. The basic Pro+ version, in fact, guarantees a good 420 km of range, while for the Premium and Launch versions the autonomy is equal to 440 km. The more sporty set-up, called Brabus, instead offers 400 km of autonomy.

There are two charging modes: in alternating current up to 22 kW and in direct current up to 150 kW (not even available as an option on the Pro+). The result is a variable recharge time between 3 hours, in the first case, and 30 minutes in the classic 10-80% where the recharge curve is able to express itself at its best thanks to the HPC columns.

Here are some numbers: Length: 4.27 meters (4.30 the Brabus), Width: 1.82 meters, Height: 1.63 meters, Wheelbase: 2.75 meters, Rims: 19 inches, Weight: from 1,800 to 1,900 kg, Boot: from 323 liters (+15 liters of frunk).

It is possible to book a test drive in Reggio Calabria in Piazza Italia only on 24 and 25 January by filling out the form on: or by phone and whatsapp at 333.2643391

A smart product expert from F3 Motors will be available all day in Piazza Italia to show you the connectivity, technology, futuristic design and premium finishes that characterize the new smart #1.

Smart #1, first test drive through the streets of Reggio Calabria: book a test drive