“Saints Row”, “Rollerdrome” … The video game is back

Splatoon 3, God of War Ragnarok, Gotham Knights, call of duty, pokemon scarlet… The end of the year promises to be loaded with hits. In the meantime, video games are making a comeback with a host of proposals relating to all genres to satisfy gamers. Overview.

Holy Row

The most hyped title on the list is without a doubt Saints Row. The reboot of the famous license that once competed with GTA is therefore coming to PS5 to offer an open world that takes place in Santo Ilesto, a huge area – the largest in the franchise – looking like a real stress relief for the Boss that one embodies, determined to reign over the place by destroying the other clans. If we praise the crazy spirit, with an omnipresent – ​​but unequal – humor as well as the perfectly assumed nag side, with a totally crazy arsenal available and lots of vehicles to drive, the technical aspect is however disappointing. Indeed, within this imaginary Las Vegas, we note fairly empty areas and a fairly substantial technical delay… There remains a game which, without renewing the genre, provides a few doses of fun, especially in co-op, with a friend, thanks to the magic of online . (PS5, Deepsilver)

Cult of the lamb

The indie nugget of this season is called Cult of the lamb. Served by an inspired artistic direction, the baby of Massive Monsters seduces from the first seconds. In the shoes of a possessed lamb looking for followers to carry out his worship and finally be free, we take pleasure in exploring dungeons, where we are inevitably attacked by enemies, and in managing its basis. In this case, you collect resources, build different structures and assign tasks to your recruits. Of course, we must not forget to think about their well-being so as not to see them take the gun to the left. By finding the perfect balance between action and reflection, the developers therefore sign a real hit. What’s more, the possibilities are numerous and the feeling of progression is real, thanks to the ton of options to unlock over the course of the adventure. (PS5, Cosmocover)


Another highly recommended title: rollerdrome. To put it simply, the concept is halfway between the TPS (third person shooter) and the illustrious Jet Set Radio, since the heroine, Kara Hassan puts on roller skates to chain shootings in arenas perilous. Served by a cell-shaded look to reinforce the 1980s atmosphere – while the action is set in 2030 -, the proposal catches the eye. Getting started is immediate and consists of chaining tricks/figures to reload your weapons before shooting down enemies in style to recover life points. To get out of it, it is also better to master dodging and act quickly by using the ability to slow down time – hello Max Payne – by managing the timing, for even more devastating shots. If we add to this different objectives to accomplish to explode the scores… we note that all the ingredients are there for success to be there. (PS5, Private Division)

Soul Hackers 2

Just like the famous Persona series, Soul Hackers 2 is a Spin Off of the Shin Megami Tensei license, extremely popular in the land of the rising sun. It is also the sequel to a game released on PS One! In a futuristic universe where computers have taken control, we lead two heroes during a convoluted adventure against a backdrop of pirating souls and summoning demons. In the tradition of J-Rpg, we are regularly led to go through dungeons where we go through turn-based combat. Between two missions, you mount your equipment to prepare to face increasingly strong threats. With its catchy Lore, Soul Hackers 2 will serve fans of the genre. However, the latter will have to deal with a certain redundancy. So boring in the medium / long term. (PS5, Sega)

Fallen Legion Collection

Indonesian production, Fallen Legion Collection brings together on PS5 the two components: Rise to glory and Revenants already published on older consoles. The originality is to be able to embody two characters whose storylines are very different. The scenario is complex and the choices made along the way have an impact on the sequence of events, which brings a bit of depth. The graphic bias, with 2D environments, always has its small effect… Conversely, the gameplay, particular, will not fail to divide since it is necessary to constantly ensure the recharging of the action bars of the members of its team. . A fun rhythm game aspect at first, but repetitive. To discover therefore mainly for the general atmosphere. (PS5, YummyYummyTummy INC)

Arcade Stadium 2

Capcom multiplies the compilations around its old productions. Thus, after having paid homage to certain fighting games, including the Vampire series two short months ago in its Fighting collection, the Japanese box makes available to gamers Arcade Stadium 2. Like its predecessor, we find ourselves propelled into an arcade with the possibility of buying the complete package (40 euros) or the games, among more than thirty, individually (4 euros each ). A varied offer since sagas like Street Fighter Alpha, 1943 or Tiger Road, rub shoulders with more unknown franchises like Capcom sports club, Rally 2011 Led Storm and Eco Fighters, resulting in a pleasant journey through time, coated with care. You can thus change the decor to have the impression of playing on a real terminal, offer infinite credits, use a rewind function, make backups on the fly, access the various manuals, face a friend… Notice to fans of retrogaming, then! (PS4, Capcom)

Kirby dream sideboard

The Nintendo Switch is not left out and welcomes Kirby dream sideboard, which by its concept, is very reminiscent of a certain Fall Guys. Very fun and designed to delight the whole family, the title invites us to go shopping between friendly ghosts. On improvised tracks, like a giant cake, the goal is to ride while eating the maximum amount of food on the way…. Because the more Kirby eats, the faster he goes and can lose his competitors. The grip is easy and causes frank laughter. Small (or big) problem: you can only play two people on the same console. Those who want to practice tasting at 4 will therefore have to turn to online or have several Switches available. We also regret that the lifespan is not substantial enough… Something offset by the price, content, around fifteen euros at launch. (Nintendo Switch, Nintendo)

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined

Another proposal exclusive to Nintendo’s hybrid console, Pocky & Rocky Reshrined brings back to life a famous duo that made the heyday of the Super Nintendo in the 1990s. Not a remake, but a brand new colorful beat ’em’ up that immediately catches the eye. Distrust however, the game is difficult. We note the presence of a few checkpoints, but the limited lives and the number of enemies arriving from all sides require you to stay on your guard and have great reflexes. In addition to shooting, the little girl and the raccoon can return enemy bullets, which is really not a luxury. Bosses are also there and the scenery is varied. On the other hand, the game is quite short… Another defect, it is not possible, at first, to play with two people, nor to activate the “easy” mode! A real lack… Collecting a few coins over the course of the games is indeed necessary to unlock these options… So expect to suffer a few hours before having access to them. Strange choices that prevent this reboot, otherwise sympathetic, from reaching heights. (Nintendo Switch, Natsume)

“Saints Row”, “Rollerdrome” … The video game is back