Royal Palace: the biggest cabaret in Alsace!

An elegant white building with pink columns awakens the landscape of half-timbered houses in the small village of Kirrwiller located in the countryside 30 minutes from Strasbourg. The visitor leaves his daily life behind him to enter a glittery bubble that begins with a meal, continues with a show that combines singing, ballet, theater and eight high-flying circus acts, before ending at the lounge bar for a few hours. dance with orchestra.

All in a family atmosphere guaranteed by the benevolent presence of Mr. Meyer in an electric blue suit and tie with rhinestones. It was he who ensured the metamorphosis of the restaurant inherited from his parents in 1980 into an international-level entertainment venue that has been expanded many times over. In his sixties, he continued to travel across Europe in search of the best artists and he regularly sat on circus juries such as that of Monte-Carlo. Even Patrick Sébastien settled into one of the 987 red velvet armchairs to find inspiration for his Biggest Cabaret in the world.

From school teacher to showman

“I’ll go after my dreams”, intones on stage the trainee bellboy who takes up his duties in an astonishing hotel. Common thread of the new show, Yoan Jacquet not only sings these words, he also lives them! For years, this young 30-year-old married a career as a teacher and a life as an artist, which led him to musical comedy. Hansel and Gretel but also Star 80. But, with the confinement linked to the Covid, “I needed to go back to the essentials” he confides. He who knows the aura of the Royal Palace succeeds in the casting by singing Grace Kelly from Mikhail. It remains to obtain a leave of absence from the National Education which would guarantee his position, in case…

But at the time there was a shortage of teachers and he was refused. Undeterred, he wrote directly to the President of the Republic and after another appointment with the Rectorate, he obtained the famous authorization. Then begins the marathon of summer rehearsals in order to be ready for the new show concocted by Lisa-Marie Bertoni, co-director and choreographer. After advising stars like Kylie Minogue or Robbie Williams, she has made Kirrwiller her second home for eleven years She is supported by Jérémy Amelin, finalist of the fifth star Academywho is in charge of the dialogues and the singing part.

In Frenzy, the three headliners are in search of the key to dreams supposed to allow them to open the door to a room in which all wishes come true. Alongside Yoan Jacquet, singer, dancer and actor Cédric Decour plays a butler who guides him through his first steps.

futuristic atmosphere

The only woman in the trio, the heiress of the luxurious establishment is embodied by the leader of the revue Meggy Forget, who brings in her wake a troupe of thirteen dancers and eight dancers of seven different nationalities from South Africa, Australia and even from Ukraine and Russia. Everyone evolves on a vast stage combined with one of the largest LED screens in Europe, which allows you to vary the scenery in the blink of an eye and give an impression of immersion.

For his quest, Yoan enters suites with completely different atmospheres, which each time introduce the presentation of a new number. In one of them, the world of disco with its disco balls gives rhythm to a show on roller skates which gives way to the magician Sergey Stupakov. On the stage where the career of the famous Dani Lary began, he handles cards and makes birds appear. In the chamber of stars, it is Victor Moiseev who performs a horizontal juggling act where the flying balls take the form of planets. The atmosphere becomes downright futuristic when laser beams reach the ballet partners.

Pierre Marchand, the former protege of Annie Fratellini, the multi-award-winning diabolo ace, then bounces his favorite instrument in all directions. The scenes follow one another to end in a finale where feathers and frills are agitated during the refrain known to regulars: “Royal Palace, it’s a bit like Las Vegas in the heart of Alsace!”

And this year again, the bet is held!

Practical notebook

representations are planned in the evening and in the morning according to the calendar available on the website A Christmas show for children is also performed until December 29.

Several formulas are possible, each time including the meal (menus from €41 to €66) and the show (from €36). Then, dance and entertainment in the lounge club until 2:30 a.m.

Sleep on site. Mini-suites are available: €160 per room on Friday evening, €120 the other days. Breakfasts included.

Julie Boucher

Royal Palace: the biggest cabaret in Alsace!